Arkie and His Jolly Cowboys
Portland, Oregon
1940's - 1950's


Byron Benedict "Arkie" ~ ?
Cy Shannon ~ Bass
Possum Shilling ~ Guitar
Dick White ~ Fiddle

Others ?

My Mother and Father built the Division Street Corral and hired Byron Benedict (Arkie) and his band as the first band to play there and as the house band for the first several years.    Arkie was the first band to ever play at the Division Street Corral built by Charley and Adoline Ceciliani.  Opening night was in December of 1948.

Mom and Dad later had to let them go because the times were changing and Rock and Roll was starting to demand they change bands.  Mom and Dad liked Arkie  very much but it was a business decision they had to make at that time to stay in business.

Joanna Ceciliani, February 2008

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Last Update:  28 March 2014
Credits:  Joanna Ceciliani, Skip Montee
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