Jeff, Bart, Brad
Jerry, Shawn, Ron
Choklit Ahlfa
Lebanon, Oregon
1970 - 1971


Ron Benshoff ~ Drums
Brad Dailey ~ Vocals
Shawn Dailey ~ Vocals
Jerry Lenocker ~ Bass
Bart Meyer ~ Keyboards
Jeff Mussler ~ Guitar

We played a lot of fraternity parties/homecomeing gigs in early 1970-71.  We signed with Harry Arnold from Ashland, though we were centered in Lebanon, OR.  He got us a few gigs in Southern Oregon.   We opened for "The People" in Roseburg OR in late 1970.  They were touring in support of their single "I Love You" and a loud, rock instrumental version of the William Tell Overture.  I think 50 people showed up.

The stupid spelling of the band's name was to avoid problems with the brand name Chocolate Alpha, a flavored variety of Zig-Zag paper that was popular at the time. We had called ourselves Hard Rock Cafe until The Doors released their album, and we had to hurry to come up with a new name.  Inspiration struck about the same time that Ronnie B walked in with some new papers... and the rest was history.

Brad and Shawn are brother and sister.  Their older brother Dan was a founding member of Grant & the Blueboys/Grant's Blueboys and Reunion.

Ron plays bluegrass now and has released a CD.

Bart runs a photo store in Seattle.

I'm Jerry; I started spelling my name with a G and now live in Redmond, WA. I released a CD as part of a new-age band called Midnight Skye (check out iTunes or CD Baby).

I've lost touch with the other members.

Gerry Lenocker, May 2006

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Last Update: 25 December 2008
Credits:  Gerry Lenocker
Band # 1963