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The Cinnamon Cinter as It appears Today (2010) - Courtesy of Bill Nethercoat
Cinnamon Cinder
Anchorage, Alaska

Some of the bands that performed at this place during the great years of NW music were:

The Arsons
The Chandels
G Morgan S & The Jets
The Gatormen
The Heart Beats
The Johnson Brothers
The Nomads
The Outlaws
The Prophets
The Quarrymen

Others ?

My father, James (Jim) Harlan, owned and operated the Cinnamon Cinder when he was in high-school.

These were the local bands that played there at the time:  The Nomads, The Chandels, The Profits, The Johnson Brothers, The Outlaws, The Quarrymen

Angela Swenson, January 2010

Larry Snipes and Terry Shank operated the Cinnamon Cinder in 1966.  Before it became the Cinnamon Cinder it was operated as a teen club called "The Royal Pad"

Bill Neithercoat, October 2010, December 2010

 I founded the Cinnamon Cinder, I named it, I located its space, I leased the space, I interviewed the bands and hired them, I did it all.  I created the board of directors and I replaced them at will.  I wrote the by-laws, and as COB, I ran the board of directors meetings.  I hired the part-time police officer, etc.  I cleaned the place every night it was opened.  When I graduated high school in 1965, I stayed involved with the CC into 1966, when I then left for college.  At that time, I left the CC in the hands of Larry and Terry, as lenders, and we got someone else to take over the management and control of the CC.  I frankly did not know it still exists, since I moved out of Alaska in 1966.

Larry and Terry were my "lenders." They loaned me the money, and I paid them back on a monthly basis. I could not get a bank loan at 16 years old, so I went to private financing. At the time, 1964, I worked part-time at KFQD as a disc-jockey (with Scotty Ferguson), and asked for financial assistance over the air to start a "teenage night club." They responded and advanced the funds. I kept them in the loop so they would understand the benefit of their financing, and they were young men whom became good friends to me.  I admired and respected them, but I ran the show and made the business and management decisions; they made the financial decisions.

Jim Harlan, September 2011

Cinnamon Cinder:  The alcohol-free dance club for teenagers opened in 1962 at 11345 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City.  Owned by KRLA disc jockey Bob Eubanks, the club spawned a TV show, a national chain of teen clubs and a pop record by the house band called "Cinnamon Cinder."

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Credits: Bill Nethercoat, Angela Swenson, Jim Harlan