Gryffyn Band - Photo borrowed from the Gryffyn Band Website
Mark Talbott, Rick Mutter, Jim Collins and Sean Denton
The Gryffyn Band
Burien, Washington
1969 -1976


Brian Cleveland ~ Guitar
Bob Colasurdo ~ Bass
Greg Cotter ~ Keyboards
Sean Denton ~ Guitar, Vocals
Tim Denton ~ Guitar, Vocals
Glen Dobbins ~ Bass
Larry Gutter ~ Vocals, Harp
Greg Henderson ~ Bass, Vocals
Jamie Hoefer ~ Guitar
Rick Mutter ~ Keyboards, Vocals
James Pinkerton ~ Vocals
Sean Ratcliffe ~ Bass
Steve Rials ~ Saxophone
Joey Romero ~ Bass
John Story ~ Drums
Mark Talbott ~ Drums
Tricia Tinker ~ Vocals

Current Lineup

Jim Collins - Bass
Sean Denton ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick Mutter ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Mark Talbott ~ Drums

Joe Fasekas - Manager
Bill Moroco ~ Sound and Lights
Tom Lemmon ~ Sound and Lights

In Memory of

Sean Ratcliff
Brian Cleveland
Greg Henderson
Jamie Hoefer

No Apologies

The Gryffyn Band - A Burien based band that played the "circuit" in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Canada.  Info, questions or pictures can be sent to Mark Talbott at marktalbott @

Mark Talbott, November 2002

While with the Gryffyn Band I went by Tricia Tinker and then later Tricia LynnCheyenne.

Tricia LynnCheyanne, August 2005

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Credits:  Mark Talbott, Tricia Tinker (LynnCheyenne), RT Colasurdo
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