Photo Courtesy of Trisha Nerney
Holden, Hamilton, Roberts Trio
Seattle, Washington
1972 - 1975


Herb Hamilton ~ Keyboards, Saxophone
Bob Holden ~ Drums, Guitar, Vocals
Larry Roberts ~ Bass, Vocals

In 1969, Bob Holden, Herb Hamilton, and Larry Roberts moved from Portland Oregon to Seattle and became partners in Seattle West Recording Studio (later called Sea West). Before the move they were all involved in the Portland music scene, each playing with various groups.

In 1972, after selling their interest in Sea West, they purchased controlling interest in another studio owned by Neil & Merilee Rush.  Holden Hamilton Roberts Recording Studio opened at the same location as the Rush studio at 56th and Kirkwood Place.

The HHR Trio was started to help supplement our income while the studio was in its infancy.  The band performed in many clubs around the Puget Sound area, from 1972 through 1975, at venues such as Fog Cutter (University Village), Everett Yacht Club, Warren Chin's Jade Palace (Federal Way), Elks Clubs, Black Angus, Fort Lewis Officer's and NCO Clubs, etc.  The band played a mix of Rock, Jazz, and Country Music.

Bob Holden, July 2011

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Credits::  Bob Holden, Trisha Nerney
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