George Thompson, Bob Krause, Dale Atkinson, Mike Stewart, Denny Williams
The Intruders
Yakima, Washington
1961 - 1963


Dale Atkinson ~ Drums
Bob Krause ~ Saxophone
Roger Mack ~ Vocals
Mike Stewart ~ Bass
George Thompson ~ Guitar
Denny Williams ~ Guitar
Rosie ? ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Bob Krause
Roger Mack
Mike Stewart

The Intruders - Photo Courtesy of Kristin Jones
Mike, Rosie, Roger, Dale, George, Denny

Above is a picture of my father Roger Mack, he is in this picture of the Intruders of Yakima, WA.  He told me he was in a band called the Majestics.  He is deceased now and I am just curious if there are any more photos, or if anyone knows anything about him, when he was in these local bands in Yakima, Washington in the 60's.  Any information would be appreciated!

Kristin Jones, June 2005

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George Thompson is a good friend of mine.  I saw him just a few months ago when his grandson graduated from high school in June.  We talked about getting together and jamming.  I sat and listened to his stories of the early days with "The Intruders".

One story, that really caught my interest was, when (George Quote):  "The Intruders opened up for The Ventures in Yakima (I believe at the Armory).  Our play list consisted of many of The Ventures tunes at the time.  And we were told we could not play any of their tunes, but you can imagine how we felt.

Gary Hoskins, October 2005

I am Dennis Williams, the lead guitar player for the "Intruders" from Yakima, WA.  I'm the one with the white Fender Telecaster guitar in the pictures.

I remember Roger Mack.  He didn't sing with us all the time, but showed up once in awhile.  The girl in the pictures also sang with us only occasionally.  It seems like her name was Rosie.

I was with this band until I left for Washington State University as a Junior in 1963.  I formed another band at WSU called the "Night People" and we drove around in a '49 Cadillac Hearse.

It was fun to see these pictures.

Dennis Williams, April 2008

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Credits:  Andy Volmer, Kristin Jones, Gary Hoskins, Dennis Williams
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