The Isle of Phyve
Richland, Washington
1966 - 1969


Randy Fulmer ~ Guitar
Keith Gosney ~ Vocals
Robert Magula ~ Drums
Tom Peashka ~ Bass
Lynn Stanfield ~ Keyboards

Tom Pieshka, Keith Gosney, Randy Fulmer, Robert Magula and Lynn Stanfield - Image courtesy of Shirley Collings Haskins  and Gary Behymer

Richland WA 1966 -1969..  It was a great band that did a lot of Rascals.  They had a B3 and the first Voice of the Theaters I ever saw.

Jeff Curtis, August 2007

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Last Update:  6 February 2014
Credits:   Jeff Curtis, Shirley Collings Haskins, Behymer
Band #  2280