Jimi Lineham Band
Vancouver, Washington
1977 - 1978


Jimmy Lineham ~ Guitar
Phil Man ~  Drums, Vocals
Martin Ulstein ~ Bass, Vocals


Chris ? ~ Roadie

This band was formed in Vanvouver, Washington in 1977.

Jimi Lineham played guitar.  Martin Ulstein played bass and Phil Man played the drums.  The band played origianl music mixed with some covers from Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and some Chuck Berry songs.

Jimi Lineham built his own amplifiers and pedals, using army surplus parts. The small output tranformer on his amp called Big Bertha was twice the size of the large output tansformer on a Marshal amp.  He played through two and sometimes four 15 inch JBL speakers.  It was very loud.   He also invented a Mid Range Pedal and another pedal called The Water Pedal.

Jimi would not play on a store bought amp.  His amplifiers were far superior to anything you could buy in a store.

The Jimi Lineham Band played local bars and clubs, parties and keggars and played two large outdoor gigs.

Martin Ulstein,  August 2015

Chris (Roadie) after Silverton Jams

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Last Update:  22 August 2015
Credits:  Martin Ulstein
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