Ferndale, Washington
New York (1980's)
1962 ~ 1967


 Mark D. "Doc" Bright ~ Bass
Sue Brunton ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Buzbee ~ Harp
Todd Gross ~ Bass
Gary Hallgren ~ Saxophone
Larry Hama ~ Guitar
Willis Jackson ~ Keyboard
Mike Kales ~ Drums
Gordie Lamont ~ Guitar
Bobby Landon ~ Guitar
Bob Martin ~ Vocals
Brink Mason ~ Trumpet, Harp, Vocals
Dale Nordstrom ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jim Olbrys ~ Guitar, Bass
Eric Petersen ~ Drums
Chris Petersen ~ Lead Guitar
Randy Riffe ~ Bass
Lorin Roser ~ Keyboards
Tony Steers ~ Accordion
Mike Tilley ~ Guitar
Mark Vermujlen ~ Guitar
Galen Walker ~ Bass
Nel Yomtov ~ Drums

The band members during the period 1962 to 1964 were Eric Petersen (Older brother of Chris Petersen), Gary Hallgren, Galen Walker, Willis Jackson, Mike Tilley, Bob Martin and Sue Brunton

Eric Petersen, Gary Hallgren, Galen Walker Willis Jackson and Mike Tilley played as 'The Good Guys' (same as the DJ's from KPUG) for dances and concerts in the summer of 1963, sponsored by Danny Holiday of KPUG.

Eric Petersen, June 2003

The K-Otics mutated from The Statics and formed in 1962 by Eric Petersen. Original members were Eric on drums; Gary Hallgren, sax; Dale Nordstrom, guitar and vocals; Gordie Lamont, guitar.  Sue Brunton, piano and vocals soon joined the group.

The K-Otics name was revived in 1983 when The Burning Sensations of New York (Gary Hallgren, sax; Larry Hama, guitar; Bobby London, guitar; Brick Mason, trumpet, harp, vocals; Todd Gross, bass; Nel Yomtov, drums) found their name usurped by a California group that actually had an LP out.  Personnel changes also happened at about the same time: Bobby London and Todd Gross left the group and were replaced by Jim Olbrys, bass.  Jim moved to guitar and was eventually replaced by Mark D. "Doc" Bright on bass.  Nel left to play blues harp with his own band and was replaced by Steve Buzbee.  Lorin Roser on keyboards and guitar and Tony Steers on accordion were also members for a time.

Larry Hama has recently made two CDs of NY K-Otics recordings available to band members.  I do not know if they are available commercially yet.  Sorry, no NW material.  All songs are originals by band members.  The K-Otics are no longer active.  Gary Hallgren has been gigging recently with Crazy Helen and The Blues Collar Band.

Gary Hallgren, September 2003

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Last Update: 26 September 2003
Credits: Randy Riffe, Eric Petersen, Gary Hallgren
Band # 0083