Moxie - 1967, photo courtest of Paul Jones
Jim Mesi, Al Kuzens, Paul Jones, Dennis Cunningham - Photo Courtesy of Paul Jones
Forest Grove, Oregon
1964 - 1969


Larry Briggs ~ Saxophone, Tambourine, Vocals
Dennis Cunningham ~  Harp, Vocals
Rod Fuiten ~ Organ
Lloyd Jones ~ Drums
Paul Jones ~ Drums
Alan Kuzens ~ Bass
Jim Mesi ~ Guitar
M. Shade ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Larry Briggs

This story begins in 1966.  I moved to Portland to live and go to school. I eventually enrolled in WBC to study computer programing. This is where I met Paul Jones. Being musicians, we talked about bands and became fast friends. Paul was the leader of a band named " MOXIE ". The band's lineup was P.Jones on drums, D.Cunningham on harmonica/vocals, R.Fuiten on organ, M.Shade on guitar. One day he said his bass player was leaving and could I play bass.  It sounded like fun so I bought a "66" Fender Jazz bass and the brand new KUSTOM - 2/15' bass amp.  I was in. We practiced and played for a while. Paul and I both graduated in 1967 from WBC . What to do now. Was it going to be music or computers.

We decided to give music a try. The bands lineup changed and finally it ended up as a 4 piece group with P.Jones on drums, D.Cunningham on harmonica/vocals, A.Kuzens on bass and J.Mesi on guitar. With Jim as our guitarist the band was set to ROCK.  Yes, rock. We were a rock band when we first started out. A blues based rock band. This was the actual beginning of Brown Sugar, the seed was planted. It was the summer of 67 and things were happening in San Francisco. It drifted up to Portland and soon there was a hippie community growing here. Music was blowing up in PO and soon there were bands forming everyday it seemed. Bands like, Nazz are Blues Band, the 1st real blues band in Portland. The US Cadenza, The Portland Zoo, Sound Vendor, The Tweedy Bros, PH PHactor Jug Band and many more I can't remember.

We played concerts mostly at places like the Crystal Ballroom, The Pythian and D-Street.  We were young and wild and played that way.  But before long, Paul decided to go into the service.  What do we do now. I knew that Paul had a younger brother named Lloyd and that he was a great drummer.  Lloyd joined the band and we continued to play around Portland.  Soon, the singer, Dennis, decided to quit and then Jim got a chance to go to California and record with a band named Wrinkle.  All of a sudden there was no more band.

Alan Kuzens, From the Brown Sugar Website

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MOXIE in 1966
Paul Jones, Dennis Cunnigham, Mike Shade, Al Kuzens, Rod Fuiten
MOXIE in 1966 - Photo Courtesy of Paul Jones

Three members of Ferraris, Larry, Dennis and Rod joined a couple of other musicians to form Moxie. It wasn't around too long before it broke up. Again most of the members went into other bands, Sound Vendor being one.
Linda Dole, July 2007
Ferarris or the Moxie were both from the Forest Grove, Oregon area.  Larry Briggs (Sax, Vocals, Tambourine) was with both. Now deceased, he was also with the Untouchables and the Satans.  Dennis Cunningham, also on vocals and Rod Fuiten on keys and others.

Bob Stoutenburg,  Recording Associates, July 2007

Dennis started MOXIE in 1964.  I merged with him in 1965, and it turned into Brown Sugar in 1969.

Paul Jones, August 2007

MOXIE - 2008 - Courtesy of Paul Jones
MOXIE - 2008 - Courtesy of Paul Jones
Jim Mesi, Al Kuzens, Paul Jones, Dennis Cunningham

We thought you all might enjoy this 40 year reunion photo shot of Moxie recently.  We all still play, and there was talk of of recording again.

Paul Jones, August 2008

I performed with these guys in the sixties.

Rod Fuiten, September 2009

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