Me & The Rest of 'Em
Mojo Monte & His Magistrates
AKA:  Me & The Rest of 'Em,  Red Coats
Vancouver, Washington
1960 - 1965


Randy Cates ~ Vocals
Russ Dillman ~ Organ
Bruce Frohn ~ Bass
Tony Gilnot ~ Drums
Jack Rolling ~ Rhythm Guitar
Monte Wolverton ~ Lead Guitar

Monte Wolverton was the son of Basil Wolverton, who drew for Mad Magazine.

Monte, Jack Rowland & I all went to Jr High together & formed the "Red Coats" in 1960, when we were 12 years old.   We played mainly Ventures, surf & instrumental music.   Monte played lead guitar & taught Jack to play rhythm guitar & me to play base guitar.

In 1962, we added a Tony Ginot on drums, Russ Dilman on keyboards, Randy Cates to sing & we changed the name to "Me & the Rest of Them" (it was a play on Van Morrison's group "Them").

In 1963, we changed the name to "Mojo Monte & His Magistrates" and this lasted to 1965, the start of our senior year, when the band broke up.

Bruce Frohn, October 2010

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Last Update:  1 November 2010
Credits:  Bruce Frohn
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