Ken Leckie, Doug Campbell, Rick Blackwood
Pierre Dube', Richard Loubert

Williams Lake, British Columbia
1973 - 1979


Rick Blackwood ~ Lead Guitar
Douglas Campbell ~ Bass, Vocals
Pierre Dube' ~ Bass
Alan Gleerup ~ Vocals
Ken Leckie ~ Drums
Richard Loubert ~ Guitar

Matthias played mainly British covers and original tunes.  Matthias played and toured from 1973 to 1979.  They worked through Feldman and Associates and Bruce Allen.

The band played Vancouver and surrounding areas as well as the rest of BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Members included:  Rick Blackwood (later joined the Vancouver band Voltz), Ken Leckie, Richard Loubert (both Ken and Richard joined "The Biz" in 1980), Alan Gleerup (formerly with the "Flyte" band), and Douglas Campbell (who with Blackwood would go on to form the short lived "Audio" band and work through Feldman again).

Notable concerts included: Strawberry Hill Outdoor Festival (featuring Danny Tripper, Spitfire, Morris Bates, etc.), backup for Chilliwack in Williams Lake, (circa 1977) and backup for Sweeney Todd at 100 Mile House just before Gilder left the group.

Doug Campbell, June 2009

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