Northwest Dance & Music Venues

McChord Air Force Base Officers Club
Tacoma, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Happy Daze Band
The Trojans

Others ?

The McChord AFB Officers Club had two sides. One was formal dining, and other was rowdy stag bar. We played the different sides on different occasions. In the stag bar would be whooping-it-up fighter jet pilots. That was ok, because you knew that soon they would be defending us, up there.

The other side...manager Captain Swansey bought up all of our t-shirts with our faces in fat tire dragsters. Those were a great dinner dances.

What we noticed was the junior officers could let loose & have fun, but the higher officers always retained their aloof and controlled positions.

Brian Woolery, the Happy Daze Band, March 2011

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Last Update:  30 August 2011
Credits: Bill Dean, Brian Woolery, Richard Rossiter