Photo by Jini Dellaccio - 1968
Merrilee Rush
Seattle, Washington
1968 - 1974


Barney Armstrong ~ Vocals
Bill Barnard ~ Guitar
Bob Bennett ~ Drums
Randy Bennett ~ Bass
Eddie Bishop ~ Bass
Jim Blade ~ Bass
Danny Brabant ~ Drums
Frank Butorac ~ Guitar
"Shuga" George Clark ~ Drums
Mike Cox ~ Bass
Dave Erickson ~ Drums
Mike Garland ~ Drums
Richard Gerber ~ Guitar
Terry Gregg ~ Bass
Randy "Tag" Henning ~ Bass
Mark Hibbert ~ Bass
Danny Hoefer ~ Guitar
Michael Kinder ~ Drums
Brian Knowles ~ Guitar
Joel Johnson ~ Keyboards
Vern Kjellberg (aka Joey Newman) ~ Guitar
Terry Lauber ~ Guitar
Ed Leckenby ~ Drums
Bill McCarthy ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Tim McFall ~ Drums, Vocals
John Morris ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Moshier ~ Drums
Karl Peters ~ Drums
Mike Robbins ~ Keyboards
Gary Ruhl ~ Bass
Merrilee Rush ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Neil Rush ~ Saxophone
Peter Sack ~ Drums
Rob Straub ~ Drums
Carl Wilson ~ Guitar

Roadies and Crew


In Memory of

Michael Kinder

Mike Cox
(1947 - 1995)

Karl Peters
(1944 - 2003)

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Photo by Steve Tuba/Pygmalion
Merrilee Rush - About 1969-1970
Photo By & Courtesy of: Steve Tuba/Pygmalion

Courtesy of George Holt
Merrilee at Governor Booth Gardner's Inaugural Ball -1989 - Photo by Carl Cook
Merrilee at Governor Booth Gardner's Inaugural Ball -1989
Photo By Carl Cook
Merrilee Rush - Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Williams
Merrilee - Photo by and Courtesy of Carl Cook
Photo by and Courtesy of Carl Cook

Merrilee - 2013
Photo by and Provided Courtesy of Merri Sutton

Merrilee Rush
Angel of the Morning
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Credits: Hairy Blair, Mark Hibbert,  Danny Hoefer, Darryl Riffero, Terry Lauber, Bill Cleland, Steve Tuba, Joe Cox, Joel Johnson, Sandy Weedman, Al Cantrell, David Jonsson, Candy Lentz, Jennifer Williams, Terry Gregg, Brian Knowles, Dr. Mike Robbins, Neil Rush, George Holt, Larry Foster, Mike Robbins, Carl Cook, Carl Wilson, Eddie Bishop, John Gordon, Chuck Burbank, Marc Legan, Gary Ruhl, George (O'Brien) Clark, Peter Sack, Merri Sutton
Band # 2819