Mission Mountain Wood Band
Mission Mountain Wood Band
Later Known As:  The Montana Band
Missoula, Montana
1971 - 1982


Kurt Bergeron - Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle
Rob Quist ~ Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Steel Guitar
Steve Riddle ~ Bass
Christian Johnson ~ Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle
Greg Reichenberg ~ Drums
Terry Robinson ~ Acoustic Guitar, Harp

In Memory of

Terry Robinson

Mission Mountain Wood Band stuff.   They were a lot more successful than the average band, yet never quite broke into the big time.  They formed in 1971 and toured nationally until 1982.   They played about 250-300 shows per year and appeared at CBGBs in New York, the Palomino in L.A.,etc.  They guested on Hee Haw and on a Cheryl Ladd special.

When a personnel split occurred in 1982, it caused them to change the name to the Montana Band with slightly different personnel.  Over the years that band changed members a number of times until only one original member remained.  The Montana Band died in the plane crash of 1987.   Mission Mountain (four original members and several ringers) reunited in 1992 for a series of infrequent "reunion" shows, but in 2010 reunited on a more permanent basis with the inclusion of Tim Ryan, Nashville singer/songwriter.

They've toured the past two summers and just released a new album "Reboot."  I'm not including a bunch of stuff on these guys because they are well-represented on the web and you can get a lot of info and photos there.  They were, and I guess are, the premier Montana band of all time.

Terry Hill, September 2011

Kurt Bergeron replaced Christian Johnson from 1978 until 1982 when the band disolved and re-formed as "The Montana Band"

John Unzelman, September 2012

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