Mortar Bluepill
Burnaby, British Columbia
1966 - 1970


Don Joyce ~ Bass
Bruce Maxwell ~ Drums
John Mundy ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Steve Chambers ~ Rythym Guitar, Vocals
Ken Wright ~ Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

I Just came across a poster in a little town here close to where I live on super beautiful Vancouver Island.  As I was looking at the poster, a name jumped out at me. The name John Mundy. I had been wondering where this guy was for the last 30 years. We both grew up in Burnaby, B.C.  I played drums for him way back in 1968.  It was my first band. I was just turning 14.  John was 16 or 17 so to a 14 year old that seemed much older.  I lost touch with him when he moved to Calgary.  Here we both end up on Vancouver Island.  He is still doing music.

I played drums back when I joined John's band.  John started the band in 1966 and it went until about 1970.  I replaced the original drummer.

Sometime a bit later, I switched to bass and the original drummer came back.  The band was called Mortar Bluepill.

Ken Wright - Tank/ Bowser Moon) and more, March 2008

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Last Update:  7 March 2008
Credits:  Ken Wright
Band #  2340