Northwest Dance & Music Venues
Photo courtesy of Lacie Jendryka
Vertigo in front of the Plaquato Ballroom - About 1974
Plaquato Ballroom
aka:  Play-Quato Ballroom
Chehalis, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Bob Wills & The Texas Cowboys
The Envoys
The Hangmen
The Stand Bys
Tex Mitchell Band

Others ?

Plaquato Handbill (1950's) Courtesy of Ben Martin

I had a fellow in here attending a funeral by the name of Jim Sola.  We got to talking & we looked up your site & I saw the ballroom link.

The info I have is in a closed-backed frame.  The band posing in front of the ballroom is Vertigo, taken after it had closed down.  It closed about 1970 and burned down May 17, 1975.  Photo was from  approximately 1974.

From left to right, the Vertigo members are Steve Cottet, Acey Watson, Mike Lacy, Bruce Meyer & Dave Butterfield.  Steve Cottet works here on grounds at the cemetery.  He did actually play at the ballroom, before he was of age!

The spelling of the ballroom was sometimes Playquato.

Lacie Jendryka, April 2011

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Last Update:  5 April 2015
Credits: Lacie Jendryka, Jim Sola, Ben Martin, Dean Rankin