Ty, David, Grant, John and Michael
Road House
Seattle, Washington
1973 - 1974


John Borwick ~ Bass
Grant Bordon ~ Guitar
Doug Phillips ~ Saxophone
Michael Raynor ~ Keyboards
Marty Woodard ~ Keyboards
Ty Woodruff ~ Drums
David Worthing ~ Harp, Vocals

In Memory of

Michael Raynor

That's Ty Woodruff (drums) on the far left; Ty also played in Orphin Anny.  I filled in on keyboards after Michael Raynor's tragic death.

The band rented a big house in South Park; I remember quite a few long rehearsals in the basement.

Marty Woodard, November 2007

The bass player in Roadhouse was John Borwick. In the photo, to my right is David. He sang and played harmonica. Grant the guitar player is next. Then John and his dog. I can't remember the dog's name. After Marty joined the band, we added a sax player, Doug

Ty Woodruff, December 2007

I played with Grant Bordon in Bacardi and with Doug Phillips in Jerry Bailey and the Soul Revolution.  Dave Worthing was a friend from the old days in Rainier Valley.

Steve English, March 2008

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Last Update:  20 December 2014
Credits: Dave Raynor, Marty Woodard, Ty Woodruff, Steve English
Band # 679