RubberBand - Photo Courtesy of Donnie Edwards
Fred, Donnie, Michael, Thurman, Steve & Rod.
The RubberBand
Ellensburg, Washington
1968 - 1969


Donnie Edwards ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Rod Gronka ~ Keyboard, Vocals
Michael Keyes ~ Bass
Steve Jones ~ Drums
Thurman Landers ~ Vocals
Fred Randle ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

I just came across this website- Brilliant.   This brings back so many memories of a younger time when music was my magic.

RubberBand formed in Beck Hall, CWSC (now Central Washington University, Ellensburg) in 1968.  We played many gigs on and off campus doing covers of rock, blues and R&B.

Rod Gronka, August 2006

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Last Update:  14 August 2006
Credits:  Rod Gronka, Donnie Edwards
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