Shawanagan - AKA:  The Ed Dyke Orchestra - Nanaimo, BC - Photo Courtesy of Alan Burns
AKA: Ed Dyke Orchestra
Nanaimo, British Columbia
1970 - 1973


Alan "Kookie" Burns ~ Drums
Ed Dyke ~ Vocals, Tambourine
Rich Morris ~ Guitar
Allen Reimer ~ Bass

In Memory of

Allen Reimer

Shawanagan, sometimes referred to as the Ed Dyke Orchestra, started around 1970.  Along with Jerry and the gipsy rovers they helped Buster Peace, owner of the Longhouse Restaurant, start up Nanaimo's first full time cabaret. Shawanagan made sure there was live music at the Longhouse every night from Monday to Saturday.  Promised the proceeds from the  door, many nights, in the beginning the band had 5 or 10 bucks to split between them. Within six to eight months, as the city got used to live music, the Longhouse was successfully full and rockin'.

Alan Burns, July 2004

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Last Update:  3 November 2011
Credits:  Alan Burns, Jim Cole
Band # 1476