Photo by and courtesy of Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.)
Shuck 'n Jive
Vancouver, British Columbia


Robert Burns ~ Guitar
Anthony Gene ~ Keyboards
Lincoln Goines ~ Bass
Charles Gray ~ Vocals
Ian Hood ~ Drums
Aaron Stevens ~ Vocals

This was Shuck 'n Jive.  Charles Gray is on the right (above).  He was a good client of mine as he kept changing members of his band and back-up singers as he was always refining his R&B groove.

Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), December 2008

It is uncertain if the below photos with Charles Grey represent other members of Shuck n Jive

Robert Burns, Lincoln Goines, Anthony Gene, Ian Hood
Charles Gray, Aaron Stevens

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Last Update:  14 March, 2018
Credits: Chandler Keeler (R.I.P.), Gregg Simpson

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