Tapestry - Image courtesy of Carson Randolph
Mike, Carson
Cheryl, Dave
Tacoma, Washington
1975 - 1976


Cheryl Bray ~ Vocals
Dave Bray ~ Guitar, Keyboards,Vocals
Mike Bruneau ~ Drums
Carson Randolph ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Later Members

Pat Bruneu ~ Bass
Terry McMillen ~ Vocals

I started playing clubs in 1975-76 with Dave and Cheryl Bray in a band called Tapestry. This thread is mainly from my viewpoint tracing some of the bands that I have played with or founded over the years. It is funny how many people intersect in the Tacoma Music business. I really couldn't put the entire history down because of the unknown last names, changed names what have you. The list is enormous.  But thirty five years of playing around here lets you be acquainted with most of the musicians in this area. And off and on I have played with a great many of them. If you follow links of these players you will see them turn from kids to rather senior adults all through these years of playing.

Most are still alive, some have died, but as I have played with a lot of them I have those great memories, and as it goes, some not so great memories. But it is what it is and the business of playing is always a great stimulus for pleasant refection

Tapestry consisted of from top of photo, Mike Bruneu, Drums, Carson Randolph, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Bottom Cheryl Bray, Vocals, Dave Bray, Vocals Guitar, Keyboards. We played in the Tacoma / Puyallup clubs.  Additional player for that band were Pat Bruneu, Bass, Terry McMillan Vocals.

Carson Randolph, May 2007

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Last Update:  10 May 2011
Credits:  Carson Randolph
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