Oak Harbor, Washington
1964 - 1968


David Jenkins ~ Vocals
James Kennedy ~ Rhythm Guitar
John Lingaile ~ Drums
Glen Moran ~
Stan Timentwa ~ Lead Guitar
Elliott Wakefield ~ Saxophone, Manager
Mike Walker ~ Bass

In Memory of

Mike Walker
d:  2005

James Kennedy later left for Army and we later added Glen Moran.

We made a Record in Seattle in 1967 called Baby Please, and High Society Climber.  It played on all the Seattle radio channels for a while.

We played at the battle of the Bands in the Seattle center a few times and we played most of the Northwest Washington for three or four years.  We also played at a TV station in Olympia, Washington.

I would love to find anyone who may have photo's or videos of the Band.

I am looking for Elliot, Stan, John and Glen Moran.  It's been so long.  If anyone knows of these guys or has any pictures of the band or info please contact me.

David "Beattle" Jenkins, January 2008

Mike passed away in 2005.  Glen lives back East and works at a Harley dealership.  He still plays music.

Rick Walker, February 2011 (Guest Book entry)

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Last Update:  2 February 2011
Credits:  David Jenkins, Rick Walker
Band #  2320