Northwest Dance and Music Venues

The Vault
2nd Avenue & Union
Seattle, Washington
1962 - 1976

Some of the bands that played at The Vault:

Beau Extroidinaire
Black Ivory
Buffalo Clancy
DT and the Vandals
The Embalmers
The Floaters
The Fluorescents
The Fourth Day
Rum Runners

The Saints
Silver Bike
Sweet Talkin' Jones
The Van G's
West Coast Natural Gas'
The Worldly Goods

The Vault was owned by Ronnie Pierce.  As of this writing, he was still around and good health.

We are in the process of compiling a list of the bands that performed at The Vault throughout its grand history.  If you know of  or had a band that played here, have a flyer or advertisement for gigs there, or remember seeing a particular band perform at this establishment, please let us know and we will add their name to the list of bands that performed here.  Send any information to the Webmaster.

"I first discovered the Vault while looking for work for our band.  We auditioned there in 1965 and landed a gig in 1966.  The name of our Group was the Worldly Goods. The Vault's main Band was "The Floaters" consisting of Ron Pierce and friends. The Vault was originally a Bank in the 20's and later a speak easy during prohibition. It became another bank, then a newspaper, then a couple taverns. It laid dormant for many years until Ron found it in I think 1963-64, maybe earlier."

Dennis Maloy, March 2002

I remember playing requests for 'Gloria' too many times with "The West Coast Natural Gas'. I think the place was down a flight of stairs, dark & funky.

Dave Burke, Bass-West Coast Natural Gas, February 2004

I first wondered "or was it stumbled" into the vault around 1970 and into a magical world Ill never forget.  The education was about to begin and the people there were truly unforgetable.  To make a long story short, I'd give anything to relive that time and the people I loved so much.

Dan Burdick, February 2008

More Vault Photos

Dave & Denny at the Vault Bar

The Vault - Circa 1966 - 1968

Mr. Pierce,

I do hope & pray you will read this and understand where I'm coming from and that this will finally bring closure to a memory of long ago!

It was around 1967 when I was in the US Navy and was  just about to ship out.  I just happened to drop by the Vault, almost at closing time when I met this lovely person (Inger Eltvick) by chance.  We basically did connect, for a brief time, but it was very special.  From there I shipped out.  We kept in touch as long as possible but we eventually drifted apart.  Over the years she went on with her life as I did mine.  We kept some of those memories close to our hearts to this very day.

Well, believe it or not, not long ago we found each other again by way of classmates of all things.  She came down here to San Diego twice since 2007 and I visited her in Washington for the first time just this past October.  It was my first time in Seattle since 1967!   I will be returning for two weeks right after Christmas.

We feel very blessed that all of this has happened and want you to know that we are very happy now and expect to be together permanently as soon possible.  Again, sir I just needed to convey this information so the this story will stay with us as long as we live.

Ralph D. Klene, December 2008

In 1969,  I was seventeen years old and The Vault was my first paid gig.  I was paid $20 a night for 2 sets a night with my friends from Roosevelt High, Buffalo Clancy & Stan Good (guitar) and me on drums.  Ronnie would play with us also and we started using the name The New Floaters

I also went to Jr.high school with Ronnie's son, Greg, who played guitar.  We started music togerther in 1966.

Ronnie was a great guy, very fair and a little wacky.  He still gigs every week and gives lessons as well.

The Army (Heart pre-Wilson sisters) played there as well... fun times

Richard Evans, February 2010

Our band played at the Vault in the Summer of 1965.   We had a high drum platform and I remeber the back room with the hair dryers.  I am DT of "DT and the Vandals"

Don Thomas, July 2014

In 1972, I was playing guitar and singing in a band called Rujax, featuring:  Brook Lizotte (Hammond organ / vocals), Jeff Davies (bass / vocals), and Danby Burdick on drums.  Danby and Ronnie Pierce knew each other, so Danby got us a gig at The Vault.  We alternated sets with The Floaters.  The Floaters being an apt name for Ronnie;s band since players floated in and out depending on who he could entice into jamming with him.   At one point, Ronnie asked me if I was related to Bud Critchfield.  When I told him "Yes, that's my Dad", Ronnie told me he played with my dad back in 1943 with the big band, The Chevaliers.  When I talked to my dad about it later, he said that Ronnie was only 14 at the time.

Craig Critchfield, December 2016

I never thought I would hear of the Vault again.  I worked there as secretary/dancer in 1967.
I have old photos.  I don't know who took this photo. That's me on the left.

Chris Lasienne,  July 2014

Terry Tobin

Ron Pierce, Vault owner, and Richard Thorelekson

David Bronson

Denny Maloy about '73 or '74

Ronnie Pierce in 1971

Image courtesy of Denny Maloy

Ronnie and ?

The Floaters in about 1967

The Wanderers at the Vault - About 1966

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