Westgate Entrace
Spokane, Washington
1967 - 1968


Jim Griffith ~ Drums
Ken Martello ~ Bass
Mike Nikula ~ Organ
Art Quine ~ Guitar
Glen "Smitty" Smith ~ Bass
Roddy Tae ~ Drums
Fred Vota ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Roddy Tae

Westgate Entrance was one of the most sought after bands in the Inland Northwest.  Formed in Spokane in 1967, it consisted of Roddy Tae, Art Quine, Glen "Smitty" Smith and Mike Nikula.

Glen Smith left the group in late 1967 to join Mount Rushmore in the bay area and the band reformed with Jim Griffith, Fred Vota, Ken Martello and Mike Nikula. It was disbanded when Mike was called by Uncle Sam to play soldier instead of organ at the end of 1968.

Roddy Tae was killed in a head-on traffic accident while on his way to a gig with another band in 1970.  All the other players went on to play in various other NW bands.

The band was a huge hit at all the area colleges as well as clubs like Rathskellars and The Rock in Coeur 'd Alene, The Cave in Missoula, and most all the teen gigs of the time in Spokane including the famous Teen Fairs of '67 & '68.

Mike Nikula, June 2009

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Credits:  Mike Nikula

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