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Seeking: Mike Keller (FOUND)  and Mike Fernandez of the Virgin Moon, and any surviving members of the Worldly Goods http://pnwbands.com/worldlygoods.html

Contact: Denny Maloy at maloys-3689 @ comcast.net  or  dennis.j.maloy @ boeing.com (7/27/05) (Updated 11/11/11)

Seeking:  Any and all photos taken by fans of Azugi and Doc Rockit or any of their antecedent groups: Jupiter, Root Wizard, Jokko, U.S. Stele, Scenic Drive, Squeaky Cheeks, among them.  This is for the purpose of making a page here to represent the group, Doc Rockit.

The personnel for Azugi and Doc Rockit were, Martin Bond (primary songwriter/lead guitar/vocal), Loren Iwerks (bass/vocal), & Harry Case (percussion/vocal).  They rocked Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Canada from the mid-late 70's through the 2000's releasing 2 LP's and a CD.

In the 70’s, Bond and Iwerks played in Jupiter, Root Wizard, Scenic Drive, U.S. Steele, Jokko, & Squeaky Cheeks in Yakima, Selah, and Bellingham, where they contained B. Roderick, Harry Thompson, Tom Bruns, & Jim Brunner, usually centered around songwriter Bond.  They continued in Spokane, adding power rock drummer, Harry Case, as Azugi and finally Doc Rockit.

Please forward scans, jpegs gif’s, etc., and any other interesting historical data to jrbuck@heech.net  and Thank You very much!!!

Seeking:  I am looking for any original members of The Band From Eugene Oregon in the 70s Called Night Flight, It Had Ron Beck, Gary Engelmann, Mike Shubert, Tom Leighton, and Jon Welch.

Ron Beck had passed away in 2007 he was also in Arbuckle Tuti and Friends.

ANY INFO to any of the past members can contact me, his son, Damien Beck at damienpdx @ gmail.com (06/26/10)

Seeking:  People who knew Bud Osgood (Lee Parker & The Sharps)   I did a google on an old friend and bandmate of mine from our Air Force band days in the mid-60's, Bud Osgood, and was distressed to see him listed as "in memory of". I would like to hear about Bud from someone who knew him before and after this period.   We were both young drummers at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas.  I remember that Bud was recently married and met his young attractive wife at their home. She was from Mexico and I believe her name was Socorro.   Bud was a great friend and the last time I saw him was after he had separated from the Air Force and stopped by the Lackland band hall with Rich Matteson, the jazz euphonium and tuba player and educator.
Contact Chuck Murray at  cblakelym2@msn.com  (3/9/08)

Seeking:  Seeking: Lasse and the Mongrels.  I have a recording of your band done at the Fiesta in the 1960's. Contact me and I will send you a CD. robertcasey1@mac.com (3/9/08)

Seeking:  Looking for any of the Neurotics from Queen Anne... Norm Gipe (FOUND), Al Mekin (FOUND), Brook Lizotte (FOUND)......also any guys I played with during the 60s, 70s, and 80s.   Also looking for people that used to hang out at the Vault teenage nite club "aka Ronnie Pierce "on 2nd & Union.... anyone from that wonderful, enchanting, magic era can contact Dan Burdick at kitewizz@yahoo.com (2/7/08)

Also seeking from the Neurotics... Mike McCullam.
Contact Norm Gipe through the Web Slave (2/7/08).

Your band can Become a part of Canada's history!
The CANADIAN MUSIC ARCHIVES is looking for new bands to add to our archives.

To become part of Canada's music history please provide us with:
    -Photos of your band (prefer originals or professional reproduction, (if negatives available we will do the printing)
    -Posters - from a gig or album release (prefer originals),
    -Master Tapes - Reel to reel or other format, or professional transfer (complimentary)
    - A Business card from your band or ANY other items from your band you may have, Especially in the time period from 1957 to 1975.
Any submissions are welcomed from any date.
Free Tape transfers for your band, and we'll provide you with a complimentary CD copy of your master tape. For more information please contact Jamie at: archivescanada@hotmail.com (2/5/08)

Seeking:  I am looking for anyone who might have played in a band or jammed, at any time in the 50's, 60's or early 70's with Bill Mitchell. He was a local drummer and played in and around the Seattle area as well as  Alaska. He might have used the name Butch too. He was my husband of 30 years and he passed away in April of 2005. Unfortunately I have no recordings of him playing and would like to locate something for his family to have as well as any photograph's or stories about him. I would appreciate you posting this for me. I would love to have something for his daughter's and grandsons to see and or hear. And me to, as I miss him very much. If anyone has any info about him I can be contacted at dnicemm@yahoo.com. (1/30/08)

Seeking: The Bitterweets would love to find their old pal Steve Groesvenor (lead guitarist).  Folks can contact Barry Walker at bwwalker@shaw.ca.  Brian Fisher, Phil Smeltzer, Larry Tournquist, Robbie Deans, Dick Steele, and Doug Dolan would love to hear from Steve...and his red guitar! (1/24/08)

Hi this is David Jenkins aka Beattle.  I was the lead vocalist for the V.I.P's of Oak Harbor, WA. from 1964-1968.  I would really like to get in touch with Elliot Wakefield, John Lingale, Mike Walker and Stan Timentwa.
Contact: The Web Slave (1/13/08)

Seeking:  I am looking for Craig Parker, guitarist with "After Tomorrow" and other bands in the Tri-Cities area in the late '60's early '70's. I know he lives in a small town in Utah and the last I heard was running a movie theatre for his brother. I have tried to locate a phone number, address or email address for him but have been unsuccessful.  The last I heard from him was a letter when I lived in Oakland CA, then a short visit in Kennewick WA when I was visiting my parents.
Contact: Barry Bergstrom at: bergjazz@peoplepc.com (5/12/2007)

WANTED:  -  'SPRING': Looking for master tapes, reel to reel or other; plus memorabilia for an upcoming CD of all original SPRING material in mid 2008.  Will pay for tapes if need be and credit you on the disc.
Contact Jamie Anstey  at archivescanada@hotmail.com(11/30/07)

Seeking:  Looking for members of The Reign (Vancouver B.C.)
Contact Graham Walker (drums) at: grahamwalker@dccnet.com  (05/21/07)

Seeking: Page McCallum of the Gentleman Wild.  Page has been "a missing person"  for 16 years now and we feel very strongly that he has passed on. Any information will be appreciated. Any pictures of Page in his youth with the Gentleman Wild would be great too if anyone still has any.
Thanks so much, Jane Buck    Email me at   Jane McCallum Buck  (4/24/07)

Seeking:  Members of The Lords.  I am trying to locate anyone who knows where any of the "Lords" band members are. I use to play lead guitar in the band.  I really would like to locate Mike Ghanise, Carlton Edwards, Tom Bueller,  and Mark.
Bob Walker, (03/03/07)

Seeking: Twyla Wagner and  Dan Christiansen   (Cincinatti Rail)
Joe Sullivan, 972-542-9148 or caegrey@sbcglobal.net  (2/9/07)

Seeking:  Trying to find Stevie Dunwoody or any other members of "Big Brother"- contact me at teevo52@hotmail.com
Steve Dyer  (02/01/07)

Seeking:  Members of Albro Swift (Seattle 1979-84).  Please contact Marcus Whiting (keyboards) at w321890@yahoo.com.
Marcus Whiting (01/21/07)

Seeking: Britannia High School reunion committee is looking for Danny Baceda, Manager of MOJO (BC).  Please respond with any information to: Kathy Clark
boocat149@gmail.com  (1/10/07)

Seeking:  looking for former Cheeseburger Deluxe members. Steve Bartlett "Dink Dugger", Bass, 1972-1975.  My email is bartlettrose2@aol.com .
Streve Bartlett (01/08/07)

Seeking:  Drummer Jack Weinborn of the Beau Jangs of West Vancouver in the 60's and 70's.  Your fellow band members are looking for you.  Contact the Web Slave if anyone knows how to contact Jack
Mike Noon (01/01/07)

Seeking:  On May 5th '07, a major reunion event has been planned.  The event is entitled "The Burnaby Bands and Friends Reunion". Calling all musicians from the Burnaby bands of the late 60's - early 70's.  Were you with a band around the time of the Bittersweets,  Soul Unlimited, The Squires, The Mods, The Electric Train, Sleepy John, The Silver Chalice Review, etc.?  Where are you Jeff Herman, Newman Corey and all?  Please join us for the big reunion.
Contact Barry Walker bwwalker@shaw.ca .  Barry Walker bwwalker@shaw.ca (08/26/06)

Seeking:  Fellow members of the New Deal Rhythm Band.  This is Eric “Nimrod” Bjorklund, trombone player for The New Deal Rhythm Band 1978 – 81, alive and very well in Spokane WA.  Any former “New Dealers”, drop me a line at ericb1@comcast.net
Eric “Nimrod” Bjorklund, August 2006 (08/25/06)

Seeking: The NW band that used this hearse.  This is a 1963 Miller Meteor Cadillac hearse. I purchased her from a man in Tacoma who got her from Rector's Antiques in Tacoma.  She seems to have sat outside in bad weather for a number of years by its appearance.  I've been told she was driven by a Western WA rock band to and from their engagements and may even have appeared on an album cover produced locally- most likely in the 70's or early 80's.  She is my pride and joy and I am slowly restoring her, but finding background info has been difficult and I'm looking for any info I can about her Rock star life or what Funeral Home she originally belonged to. Anyone with any info please email.  Thank you!
Steve Goupil  sgoupil@hotmail.com  (07/31/06)

1963 Miller Meteor Cadillac hearse

Was this your band vehicle?

Searching for info and whereabouts of Chris Blaine, drummer for "Sweet Talkin' Jones" circa 1974...and Doug Fowler, guitar player for "Cheeseburger Deluxe" (Seattle, 1976).   These guys led a hard life, but if they are still around, I would like to communicate.  I've already had tremendous luck with this method of finding people at this website. I am compiling a database for all the guys I have worked with since 1965, and all are welcome to research with me, at mojoel1@juno.com.
Other names to find are: Sheldon Barry & The Pierce brothers (The Drive, 1988), Mike Whalen (Giant Peach, 1969), Danny Brabant (Magical Freeway (FOUND), 1968), Anne Wilson (Proof, 1970--and eventually Heart)
Any info on these bands or persons, and web addresses would be greatly appreciated.
Joel Johnson  mojoel1@juno.com (07/30/06)

Seeking:  Members of the Second Coming and Factory.  These guys played in the South End; Renton, Kent area in about 68 -69-70.  The names I remember are: David Romano- guitar, Pat McDonald, Robbie, Jim Plano-drums.  Are you still out there? Are you making music somewhere? I would love to know.
Sharon Nordyke moonrose710@yahoo.com  (06/11/06)

Seeking:  Ken Onstad and Rex Burmester are trying to locate members of Holden Caulfield. Tom Gunn, Buddy Bowman, Ron Leach, Bruce (see you at the moose) Johnson and anyone else who played with this band.  Contact Rex at rburmester@juno.com  or 208-467-5916 or 303 2nd Ave S  Nampa, Idaho.   Just do it!  (06/07/06

Seeking:  Anyone know the whereabouts of singer Pam Olsen?  She was in my 1st working band Frame (1971-72).
Contact me with any leads/details at; rhiatt@verizon.net  Thanks, Randy (drums) Hiatt  (06/01/06)

Seeking:  Former band members of Dave Lewis:  Ronnie Height (FOUND), J.B. Allen and Barney Hillard.  Does anybody know where these people are?.  We were good friends and it would be great to talk about old times and share how we have managed to get this old.
Brian O'Neill   btoneill@earthlink.net  (03/18/06)

Seeking:  Where is Richard Watson of Buffalo Clancy?  Richard, Please call Steve Berman on 206-409-1747
Steve Berman (03/12/06)

Seeking:  Anyone knowing whereabouts of members of the 80's band "The Eddies".
Mark Stevens (1/07/06)

I am trying to contact members and road crew of the Portland band, "DOOGY" [1971-1975]. Chris, Fast John, Kevin, Perkie, Dave, Jerry, Froggie, Surfer Ken, Rand, Strong Bear, Callahan, Big Frank, Rusty, Big Bob, Rodeo and anyone else who remembers that crazy time, where are you now?
Contact: Rojer Blaine (1/05/06)

Seeking:  Any members of Queen Anne’s Wing, WAZZU rock band of ’66-67.  I have been playing for many years with the Nitemates, Redline, solo, as well as other jam bands around the Pac NW.  I played the Louie Fest Main Stage with Paul Revere, Kingsmen, Wailers, and many more great NW artists in ’04 & ’05, and an August 6, 2005 reunion gig with the Fabulous Wailers.  I was curious if any member of this band ( Queen Anne’s Wing ) were still involved in music. I can be reached at 206-612-2117, or email at mike.mcelhoe@oberto.com. I would love to hear from you!
Mike McElhoe (01/01/06)

Seeking:  A Band!  Chris Bentley, formerly of the Statics, Shale and D.O.A. is relocating from Kansas City back to the NW (Seattle area) and is looking for a band that might need him.  Chris writes:  " Just got a new job in Seattle so I'll be leaving my band here in KC ( www.rmethod.net )  after the next 3 gigs thru 1/14/06.  If you hear of any greatest hits rock bands that need somebody good on lead guitar, lead vocals, harmonies, etc.. in the South End, please pass on my e-mail."
Contact The Web Slave to get Chris' e-mail (12/31/05)
Seeking: Jack Ely writes:  I was just wondering what ever happened to any of the members of some of the bands I giged with and/or knew in and around the Portland and Seattle areas during my thirty plus years as a northwest musician.  Bands such as The Kingsmen (The ones who actually played on our first recording of Louie Louie,) The Portland Zoo Electric Band, Phleobus Union, Thanx, Bryer Fox, Don and The Goodtimes, The Enchanters, Corky Ryon Trio, Felix Omar Band, Squires, Gregg Smith Band, etc. just to name a few.  If you knew me back in those wonderful rockin days you can contact me at luiluiely@msn.com.  It would be great to hear from any of you and find out what you're into now days.
Jack Ely, Crooked River Ranch, OR.  Email Jack at luiluiely@msn.com (11/18/05

Seeking:  Any members of the Vancouver, BC band THE STAGS who performed on the LIVE FROM THE GROOVEYARD ALBUM. Contact Chuck Cliff from the Night Train Revue email chuckcliff@shaw.ca  (9/24/05)

I'm working on a history of the Portland music scene 1965-1985 and am trying to find Mike Cross, Larry Pindar & John Hing, all of the Total Eclipse (late 60s-early 70s) and individually in several other bands. If anyone knows their whereabouts, please contact Valerie Brown at vjane@teleport.com or 503 851 7599. (6/26/05)

Seeking: Surviving family of Ron Brockman, who played in Bazarak and Roundhouse, was a friend and I would like to get in touch with his wife and son. I have some old pictures taken in the mid-70s that might be of interest to them.
Ron's wife's name was Donna (nee Kesterton, I think), and his son's name is Rod. If anybody knows how I might get a hold of them I would appreciate their relaying me that info.
John Hanford, jhanford@u.washington.edu (5/6/05)

Seeking: We are looking for members of the Mark 5 band out of Albany, OR.  We're looking for Paul Cline, Brian Bishop, and other members who were with the band from 1963-1969 including Rob Ford and Bob Coe, and Bill Gilmore.  We've already found Bob Fisk, Ben Gardner, Larry Christensen, Bill Yuetse, Mike Doran, Ken Argo, Lonny Roth, Larry Wyatt, Ron Bendsnyder and Jim Reed, Assistant Road Manager.
Contact Bob Fisk, bandstand2000@hotmail.com (3/19/05)

Seeking:  info about my old band(s) - Reunion and Grant's Blueboys.  I have lost contact with most of the members and would very much like to get in contact with them.  I have been living in California since the break-up of Reunion, currently in the Bay Area.  Larry is still writing and playing music and with a Christian group called Intersections.
Contact Larry Page through webmaster@pnwbands.com  (2/26/05)

Wanted: Any pictures of "THE GOOD SHEPARDS" Ronnie Banks on bass, Robbie King on B3, Eddie Patterson (guitar), Ted Lewis (Duress Maxwell) on drums and Al Johnson - Vocals.
During 1966 they played the "ELEGANT PARLOR"  and "OIL CAN HARRY"S. in Vancouver.
Contact Terry Budd:  newportdecorating@msn.com (1/28/05)

Seeking: Gary Walsh (Keyboards) - The Bumps.  Your old band is looking for you.  Leave  your contact information with the Web Slave (webmaster).  He will pass it on to your old band members.
John Cleaver and the band (8/22/04)

Seeking: Tommy Davis/Freeway Jam,  Lead Guitar player (1980's) Contact Matt at: Satusboy@Hotmail.com (8/13/04)

Seeking: Andy Larson / Plymouth Rockers Ltd. (1965-66); Andy, where are you?
Contact; Tony Ortega at tortega@iqmail.net (7/8/04)

Where were you when Barney Armstrong's All American Band, Adivus and Full Blown were playing the Golden Tides, Parkers, the Sirloin Inn B'vue and other gigs around town.  If you hooked up with the band, or remember a good time, drop a line and say hi.  I have been adding some new pics with more to come. Still havin' fun.
Fil Gudmundson at fgudmundso@aol.com (6/8/04)

Seeking:  Rudy Bachelor has been looking for Danni Geadeau and other members of the Solitudes.  Contact Rudy via the webmaster@pnwbands.com (5/16/04)

Seeking any information about and former members of these Oregon (Willamette Valley) bands from the mid 60s - Ingredients Unknown, Patriots, Fifth Row Bac (Corvallis); Sires (Eugene); Marquis, Chaen Reaction (Salem); Yesterdays Children, Fury Four - please reply to George Gell at georgeg45@verizon.net (4/21/04)

Looking for a John Kisky (Warlocks?) who was in our Unit in Vietnam.  The John Kisky we are looking for was a Navy Corpsman who served with the 9th Engineer Battalion USMC.  His buddy Corpsman Arthur Russ Tracy is looking for him.  Thanking you for your time.
Eric Kenney,  Battalion Locator

Seeking:  I'm looking for my fellow Coming Generationband members: Gail Davies, Fred Jacoby, Denny Ball, Dave Heeter, and Bobby Randle, Bremerton, 1965 - '66.  Please contact Gene St. John at 6saints@comcast.net (02/14/04)

Seeking:  I'm looking for my fellow band members Roger Wentzel and Hill Barington from the Countdowns from Corvallis OR, from 1964, and for Gene Worden and Randy Kiesling from The Jademen, Corvallis OR, from 1965 - '66.  Please contact Dick Bowne at rwbowne@earthlink.net (01/31/04)

Seeking: Greg Pecknold is looking for his old band buddies from The Fathoms.  If anyone knows where any of The Fathoms might be, please write to him at gregp@flyingspot.com(11/30/03)

Seeking:  Does anyone have the 1965 Curtis High School (Tacoma) Annual?  In the annual is the only known photograph of the band The Squires.  If you have it, please scan or xerox that page and send to our webmaster.  He will make sure the band members he is in contact with also get a copy.  Webmaster@theregents.net (10/2/03)

Seeking: former members of the Regents of Seattle.. Connie Bell, Chuck Cox (found), Gary Jacobson, Doug McLeod (found), and Jim Peterson (found - R.I.P.). Contact Bill Anderson, bill4u125@aol.com (9/6/03)

Seeking:  Anyone that had been connected with the 80's group The Eddies.
Contact: Mark Stevens stevens@stevensresearch.com or 1-800-262-3344  (8/3/03)

Seeking: Sax player interested in playing early  60's-style NW Rock with Bruce Robertson and The Reverbs (Bruce Robertson, Don Gardner, Greg Goldsmith, former members of The Accents, Burien, '62-'66).  We're in South King County/Tacoma area.  Looking for someone  in it for the fun of playing, willing to rehearse.  We play occasional paying (not much!) gigs (see schedule and more at http://www.theReverbsAndCo.com).
contact Greg at: ggold142@comcast.net or  253-576-5027  (7/8/03)

Seeking:  Looking for members of the Gentlemen Wilde out of Yakima circa 1963-66.  Looking for Frank Monaco.
Contact: Joe Coffman , Chris Norgaard, or Dan "Kim" Thomas  (1/18/03)

Seeking: The Valients are looking for Mickey Ellis and Ernie Moses.  Anybody with information on them, please contact Wayne Cox at wyjan@inter-linc.net   The Valients are trying to regroup again and do some rockin. (11/10/02)

Seeking: Rolly Newton of R & D Productions and Baroka Records, Vancouver. Business Parter of Doug Gyseman (AKA Kurtis Vanell). Worked With: Mock Duck and Other 60's Groups. Last heard was going to San Francisco almost 30 Years Ago.
Contact: James Anstey at sandalrock@hotmail.com  In Regards to  Information Needed. Confidential and Privacy Gauranteed. (11/9/02)

Seeking:  Looking for keyboard player, Roger Butler, originally from Spokane, Washington.  Roger played with us in Pride and Possession, out of Boise, in 1969 and 70.  The last we heard he was in the Bay Area
Contact: Mike Barriatua  (7/20/02)

Seeking: Larry Olsen (Regents).
Contact: Sam Carlson at SamCarlson@PNWBands.com  (6/8/02)

Mike Garland, Drummer (Blind Willie, City Zu, Bulldog).
Contact Jim Valley jimvalley@earthlink.net  (02/03/02)

Seeking: Former members of Sweetgrass
Contact Bill Brimer  (05/12/01

Seeking: George Goheen, Fred (Larry) Jensen and Ron Orden, all of whom I played with in Seattle in the early '70's in BRUNEHILDE, UNION JACK, and SCOT FREE.
Contact: Johann (John) Helton  (04/09/01)

Seeking: Any member of the "ORIGINAL STATESMEN"  1958-1961:  Frank Belaski
Contact: Kenny WilliamSon  (03/26/01)

Ralph Banks, Sax & Harp-The Accents.
Contact: Don Gardner  (03/24/01)

We were once lost, but now we are

Seeking: Sanna Groseth (FOUND) --- Members of the band Natty Bumpo, originally from Washington DC who lived/gigged in the Portland, Oregon, area for 8 months circa 1968 and recorded 5 demo tracks there, are seeking contact with singer Sanna Groseth  -- if anyone here in the NW knows the slightest thing about her, please contact us!  A CD is in preparation including the demos with her wonderful vocals.  John Berg, Cell (425) 218-3682 or email: JohnTBerg@msn.com (05/29/10)

Seeking: Mike Keller (FOUND)  of the Virgin Moon

Searching for info and whereabouts of Danny Brabant (Magical Freeway (FOUND)
Joel Johnson  mojoel1@juno.com (01/10/09))

Searching for info and whereabouts of  Glen Hueckel (Superband, 1970) (FOUND).
Glen is alive and well living in Vermont, teaching College Psychology for the last 40 years.
Joel Johnson  mojoel1@juno.com (12/27/08)

Seeking:  Sheldon Miller (FOUND).  We are friends from way back when and have lost contact.
Luis Porretta, November 2008  (11/26/08)

Seeking:  Whereabouts of Becca Lavin of Dick Caldwell and the Celebrities.  (FOUND)  In ''70 and ''71, I sang with Dick Caldwell and the Celebrities.  There was another female vocalist with the group when I joined them, Becca Lavin.  I have tried in vain to contact Becca or her brother, who was also in a group in that area.  Becca and I were with the Celebrities before Bobby Summers and Anne Murphy.  We met Anne when she was in another band playing in Thailand while we played the same hotel.  She didn't join Dick until he had gone through two other singers after Becca and me.  Would anybody happen to have any information on Becca or her brother, and possibly a contact?  If so, please contact The Web Slave
Connie Gilger-Robison, August 2006 (08/13/06)

Seeking:   Ron Thacker, Municipal Sound Company.  I was in the US Navy with Ron Thacker, on the USS Ranger, and am trying to reach him.  Bruce Henderson.
Contact Bruce through the Web Slave.  (05/13/07)
Webmaster Note:  Unfortunately, Ron passed away in 2002.

Seeking:  Looking for any of the Neurotics from Queen Anne... Norm Gipe (FOUND), Al Mekin (FOUND), Brook Lizotte (FOUND)......also any guys I played with during the 60s, 70s, and 80s.   Also looking for people that used to hang out at the Vault teenage nite club "aka Ronnie Pierce "on 2nd & Union.... anyone from that wonderful, enchanting, magic era can contact Dan Burdick at kitewizz@yahoo.com (2/7/08)

J.B. Hildebrand IV (John Borth Hildebrand, John Hildebrand), Drums, Keyboards-The Invaders, and the Van Dyces of Hampton, VA, about 1963 - 1968.  Contact: Sam Carlson (03/15/07)  Sam and J.B. were reunited because of this notice on 8 December 2007... after not seeing each other for more than 44 years!

Seeking: Henry Sondie of Butterfat is my cousin. I've been trying to locate him, to relay news about a family member.  The last I heard of him, he was operating a commercial fishing boat in the Edna Bay, AK area.  He may still be in that area, but I've been unable to locate him.  Also, there is a possibility that he may be living in Bellingham, WA.  If anyone has any information, it would be very much appreciated.  Henry, or anyone who knows of his whereabouts, can contact me+
Marvin Pearson, (2/25/07)

Seeking: Dean Whitbeck, Drummer for The Bootmen, Rooks, Cottonmouth, P.O. Lice and others.
Contact Eric Bauer at SpectorNS5@aol.com  (12/31/01)

Seeking:  Kris Larson of Timber.  Wes Shreffler also of TImber, is looking for you.
Wes Shreffler, (12/19/06) Kris and Wes were reunited on 12/20/06.

Seeking: Any member of the "ORIGINAL STATESMEN"  1958-1961:  Frank Belaski and Katsuhiko Kobayashi (located) (Pedal Steel)
Contact: Kenny WilliamSon  (03/26/01)     (Feb. 14, 2004) - The Associated Press reports that Katz Kobayashi - former steel guitar player for Marty Robbins, Bill Anderson, Johnny Russell, Jeanne Pruett, Alan Jackson and other Grand Ole Opry stars - died at his home in Panama City Beach, Fla., on Feb. 8 of complications from a stroke. In the early 1990s, he performed on the Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach, S.C. A native of Japan, Kobayashi was 60 at the time of his death. (09/09/06)

Lon Alsman, bass player from The New Deal Rhythm Band 1974-76 (FOUND) (07/26/06)

Seeking: I have another lost & found request...I was successful the first time! I am looking for Brian or Chris Glenn from "The Boss Blues" in the mid-60's. If anyone has any leads, please contact my web address (both found on May 21, 2006).
Joel Johnson  mojoel1@juno.com (05/14/2006)

Seeking: Scott (Scotty, Bruce) MacDonald (FOUND),  formerly of the Little Stones and the Sonics of Seattle,
Contact: Denny Maloy (7/27/05)

Seeking: Tomorrow's Eyes members Dana Andrews and Jimmy Schoen (both FOUND).  We are looking for you.  Contact us through the WebSlave
J.P. van de Bundt and Kuba Suttles (4/23/05)

Seeking:  If you know Steve Weed, please have him contact me!  I'd give anything to reunite with him.
Randy Bowles, March 2006

Seeking: Jimmy Winkler (R.I.P.) from Jimmy Winkler and Translove Airlines from back in the late 60's.
Contact Robin Feetham at rbnu@ncia.com. (8/2/05)
Webmaster's Note:  Jimmy is also reported as having passed away.

Seeking: Gene Darling (R.I.P) who ran lights for the band "Daemon" and was also the singer in the Gene Darling Project.  Daemon is having a reunion and would like to have him there too.
Contact Dave Toivonen through the Web Slave at webmaster@pnwbands.com  (9/22/05)
Webmaster Note:  According to Gene's brother, Gene passed away in 1988

Seeking:  Former band members of Dave Lewis:  Ronnie Height (FOUND  04/04/06),  We were good friends and it would be great to talk about old times and share how we have managed to get this old.
Brian O'Neill   btoneill@earthlink.net  (03/18/06)

Seeking:  I would like to find Jim Cole (from a 27 Nov 05 Guest Book entry).
Kris Brooks (12/27/05)

Seeking: Keyboard player for The Titans . We play rock ‘n roll and some R&B from 1959 through 1965 era. We play on average twice a month for money in the Puget Sound, WA area.  Contact: Walt at rattenbury@hotmail.com  (09/23/04)

Seeking: Arthur George Dunn III (FOUND) / Doily Brothers (1971-72); Arthur, where are you? Contact; Tony Ortega at tortega@iqmail.net (7/8/04)

Seeking: The 30 Year class reunion in Moses Lake, Wa on Aug. 7, 2004 is looking for a band (FOUND). We would like a band that plays mostly 70's music.  If interested, please e-mail Teresa at ltccb@olypen.com.  Thank you.
Teresa (03/19/04)

Seeking: Looking for Rick Nelson, drummer for the Torquays (FOUND) out of Federal Way circa 1959 - 1961.  Rick,  Gil Larson is looking for you.  Contact Gil  through the PNWBands.com Webmaster
Contact: webmaster@pnwbands.com  (04/19/03)

Seeking: We're looking for all the original band members of The WAYDS for a reunion this August.  If any of the original WAYDS members are reading this and you're interested in coming to the reunion
Contact: Dick Schalk at kidklash@att.net for details. (05/17/03)

Seeking: Mike Spotts (FOUND), The Raymarks. Chris Polacheck is looking for you.  Contact webmaster@PNWBands.com, or Chris at polacek@bellsouth.net or info@sayyesstudios.com   (12/29/03)

Seeking: Mike Spotts (FOUND), The Raymarks.  Your old band buddies are looking for you.  Contact webmaster@PNWBands.com (11/13/03)

Seeking:  Where is Tom Dietz (FOUND), bass player for the Bandits and The Nomads? Steve Lalor needs some help finding Tom.  If anybody knows where Tom Dietz might be located, contact Sam Carlson (Web Slave for PNWBands.com)  webmaster@pnwbands.com  (01/16/04)

Seeking: Any member of the "ORIGINAL STATESMEN"  1958-1961: Charles Jones (FOUND), Jack Williams (FOUND), James Oscar Payne (FOUND), Chuck Glaser (FOUND), Frank Belaski, as well as Katsuhiko Kobyashi (Pedal Steel)
Contact: Kenny WilliamSon  (03/26/01)

Seeking: former members of the Regents of Seattle.. Chuck Cox  (FOUND), Doug McLeod (FOUND), and Jim Peterson (FOUND - R.I.P.). Contact Bill Anderson, bill4u125@aol.com (12/5/03)

Seeking: Ed Leckenby (FOUND), original drummer with Merrilee Rush & the Turnabouts. Please contact Terry Gregg at Terry.Gregg@Comcast.net.  (06/19/03)

I'm looking to find Ron Woods (FOUND), former drummer of the Dynamics and Pacific Gas and Electric.  Ron? Ken, Frank and I have just gotten a copy of "The Lexington Experience" and want you to see it. Any information on Ron's whereabouts will be appreciated. Please contact Paul at MrRockAndRoll@aol.com or (630)365-3792 (9/28/03)

Greg Pettit(FOUND), formerly of "Superband" "Sunflower" and other bands (tenor sax)... last known whereabouts was Mt. Vernon, Wa.  Welder, biker, and country music fan.  Please contact Joel Johnson at mojoel1@juno.com.

Jess Cooper, Drummer (FOUND).   I would like to jam with you again.
Contact Walt Rattenbury Rattenbury@hotmail.com

Seeking: Ron Hanson (FOUND) bass player for Glass Menagerie, Second Coming, Captain Oh Wow, Life On Mars.
Contact: Mark Stevens

The Titans have reformed and are looking for a keyboard player (FOUND) a vocalist (FOUND) and a drummer (FOUND)

Seeking: Any member of the "ORIGINAL STATESMEN"  1958-1961:  Wayne Manning (FOUND)

Quebec is newly reformed and re-established after 30 years and Almost gig ready. We are looking for KEYBOARD PLAYER to join band.  (FOUND)
Contact Rob Henricksen at IMCopper@AOL.com

The Days End is reforming and seeking a keyboard player in the Tacoma area. (FOUND)
Contact:  Steve at Lwoodblues@earthlink.net (12/09/01)

Chuck Doten (FOUND), Drums-Regents.
Contact: Sam Carlson

Joe Harrelson (FOUND), Guitar, Keyboards-The Invaders.
Contact: Sam Carlson

Looking for DAN KING (FOUND), ex-keyboard of both QUEBEC & CHINOOK. I've been trying to find you buddy. If you read this message, please contact me ASAP.
Contact Rob Henricksen at IMCopper@AOL.com

Sue Isekite (McNulty) (FOUND)(Regents/Chandelles)
Contact:  Sam Carlson at SamCarlson@PNWBands.com

Members of the Gentlemen Wilde out of Yakima circa 1963-66.  Looking for Kim Thomas (FOUND), Chris Norgaard (FOUND)

If you are looking for and old band buddy or just trying to be found by your old friends, send us a note telling us who you are looking for, what band(s) they played with, and who they can contact (e-mail, phone, fax, voice mail, website, or snail mail address).  We will gladly post your inquiry on this page and will run it for a full year, or longer.  This is a non-commerical website, so there is NO CHARGE for this or any other PNWBands.com service.  If you prefer, you can also post the inquiry in the Facebook version of PNW Bands    http://www.facebook.com/PNWBands