Greg, Randy, Don, Skip - 1962
The Accents
Burien, Washington
1961 ~ 1965


Terry Allan ~ Bass
Ralph Banks ~ Saxophone, Harmonica
Gwen Cox ~ Vocals
Don Gardner ~ Bass
Greg Goldsmith ~ Drums
Lenny Gutenberg ~ Drums
Skip Morehouse ~ Piano
Bruce Robertson ~ Vocals
Randy Schepper ~ Guitar
Bob Swoffer ~ Drums

Steve Morris ~ Roadie/Band Boy

Very Early Accents Photo - Burien Moose Lodge, about 1962

Randy Schepper, Skip Morehouse, Gwen Cox, Lenny Gutenberg, Bob Fehling and Don Gardner.  Bob Fehling was sitting in on Saxophone that night... on loan from The Nomads.  Don Gardner was playing bass lines on a guitar.  At that point he could not afford a real bass.

The Accents - 1965
Bruce, Skip, Ralph, Randy & Terry
Greg couldn't make it to the photo shoot that day.  He was kind of busy in Memphis going through the US Navy Reserve boot camp, but he returned to the Accent's lineup as soon as he could.

Greg Goldsmith, July 2015

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Last Update:  12 July 2015
Credits: Don Gardner, Terry Allan, Greg Goldsmith, Gary Alexander, Bob Swoffer, Steve Morris
The Accents - Available on Ace Records, Northwest Battle of the Bands
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