Access Junction - Image courtesy of Dan Smith
Lloyd Allen, Dave Anderson, Dan Smith (standing), Bob Popowich, Al Jacobs
Access Junction
Vancouver, British Columbia
1971 ~ 1972


Lloyd Allen ~ Guitar, Vocals
David Anderson ~ Drums, Vocals
Al Jacobs ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Bob Popowich ~ Bass, Vocals
Dan Smith ~ Guitar

Access Junction - Image courtesy of Dan Smith

One of the very best bands playing original music in Vancouver in 1971 thru 1972 was Access Junction.  They played all over the city and recorded a legendary tape at Aragon studios (soon to be Mushroom) in 1972.  They were Lloyd Allen...guitar,vocals, songwriter/Dan Smith... lead guitar/Bob Popowich... left-handed precision bass and vocals/David Anderson... drums and vocals/Al Jacobs... keyboards, vocals,songwriter.  They were known for ending their rocking sets with the cosmic rock instrumental...STORM.

Al Jacobs, November 2001

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Last Update: 8 April 2006
Credits: Al Jacobs, Phil Posner, Dan Smith
Band # 636