Active Dog
Vancouver, British Columbia
1978 - 1979


John "Buck Cherry" Armstrong ~ Guitar
Terry Bowes ~ Guitar
Robert "Rubber Boots" Bruce ~ Drums
Ross "Mooch" Carpenter ~ Bass
Gord Nicholl ~ Keyboards
Bill "Shirt" Scherk ~ Vocals

I played Bass and was in a band in 1978-1979 named 'Active Dog' from Vancouver BC.  We had a couple of tracks out on the 'Vancouver Complication' album and a  7" vinyl single: 'Rat Race' ..B/W ..'Good Filthy Fun'

we played the early punk new wave clubs around the area until the Pointed Sticks recruited/stole our keyboard ( Gord ) and drummer ( Robert ), so we broke up in 1979 and members went on to form other groups.  Buck started The Modernettes'.  Bill started 'Los Popularos'.  Ross and Terry started 'Antheads'

Ross W. Carpenter, September 2009

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Last Update:  19 December 2010
Credits:  Ross Carpenter
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