Adrian - Photo Courtesy of Joe Hendershot
Steve M., Joe
Steve C., Dave
Tacoma, Washington
1974 - 1976


Dave Bray ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Cox ~ Drums, Vocals
Joe Hendershot ~ Bass, Vocals
Steve Merriam ~ Guitar, Vocals


Paul Weis ~ Sound, Photography

Steve Cox, Steve Merriam, Dave Bray, Joe Hendershot

Paul Weis - Photo courtesy of Joe Hendershot
Paul Weis

We played Little Jim's Pub, The New Yorker, Baldy's, The Lost Knight Club, The Quarterdeck, most of the usual Tacoma area haunts of that era as well as our favorites out of town; El Patio-Stateline, Idaho; Lions Share - Yakima; Land End - Spokane; No Dogs Allowed - Portland and Goofy's - Ellensburg.

Joe Hendershot, May 2008

Adrian at The New Yorker, Tacoma

Adrian at The New Yorker, Tacoma

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Credits:  Steve Cox, Joe Hendershot
Band # 1935