The Adults
AKA:  The Colorplates, The Pigments
Seattle, Washington
1979 - 1982


Bob Blackburn ~ Bass, Piano, Guitar
Tom Dyer ~ Guitar, Saxophone, Piano, Vocals
Harvey Tawney ~ Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet, Theremin, Percussion, Vocals
 Deanne Tawney ~ Drums
Howie Wahlen ~ Bass
Adam Woog ~ Bass

Formed in November 1979 in Seattle, the Adults were drawn together by their mutual admiration of Captain Beefheart and Ornette Coleman. The Adults started out as an improvising ensemble, at first calling themselves the Pigments. They decided they liked doing radical covers of Hendrix, Sinatra, Love and the Doors and started doing their own songs.

The band mostly played punk clubs such as: Gorilla Room, Wrex, Bahamas, UCT Hall, Danceland USA, and  rban Noise in Portland.  The had their debut gig  on April 19, 1980. They also played shows for the mentally handicapped.

Bands they performed with included Student Nurse, The Pudz and Pell Mell.

They often featured twelve year-old singing and songwriting prodigy David Richards

Tom went on to start The Icons and Green Monkey Records (

Tom Dyer, October 2011

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Credits::  Tom Dyer
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