Barny Armstrong's Aftermath - Image Courtesy of Candy Lentz
Marc Lagen
Bob Bennett, Jeff Medgard
Joe Richards, Barney Armstrong

Barney Armstrong's Aftermath
Seattle, Washington
About 1972 - 1975


Barney Armstrong ~ Vocals
Bob Bennett ~ Drums
Marc Lagen ~ Guitar, Pedal Steel
Jeff Medgard ~ Keyboards
Joe Richards ~ Bass


Doug "Doc Reverb" Raymur ~ Sound, Lights

Barny Armstrong's Aftermath - Image Courtesy of Candy Lentz
 Joe Richards, Bob Bennett on drums, Jeff Medgard on Piano and Marc Lagen guitar. Taken at Pier 70 in 1974

Image courtesy of Denise Schroeder

The Barney Armstrong's Aftermath played the club circuit in the Pacific Northwest.  This was the first band Barney formed after leaving Merrillee.  Barney and the band gained notoriety with a "Mister Bojangles" tap dance routine that Barney would do.  Adding to their uniqueness was a pedal steel guitar and a five-foot grand piano in a rock band.  Bob "Boom Boom" Bennett, formerly with the Sonics banged the skins for the Barney Armstrong Aftermath.

Marc Lagen, October 2000

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Credits:  Marc Lagen, Candy Lentz, Denise Schroeder, Doug Raymur

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