After Tomorrow
Kennewick, Washington
1969 - 1971


Barry Bergström ~ Saxophone, Vocals
 Clay Dickman ~ Drums
Gary Jennings ~ Bass
Craig Parker ~ Guitar
Mike Rosgen ~ Keyboards

I don't have a photo of the band  and I'm afraid the details of the band are foggy after almost forty years.

We were together from 1969 to 1971. The lead guitarist was Craig Parker. Our singer was Barry Bergstrom. I played bass. We had  Mike on keyboards and our drummer' Clay. Craig was a huge Black Sabbath fan and we did a lot of their songs. Also, we did a lot of Doors and other dark stuff.

We played as far away from Kennewick as Pocatello, Idaho and had a great photography session while we were in Idaho. It was shot by a professional photographer friend of Craig's. I wish I knew where those pictures are today.

We all graduated from high school in 1971 and went our separate ways. I know Barry Bergstrom became a fairly well known saxophonist. You can find him on the net but I don't know what happened to the other guys.  I thought Craig was way ahead of his time and would go on to greatness but I've had no luck finding anything about him.

Gary Jennings, April 2007

I'm Barry Bergstrom who is the saxophonist and singer in the group "After Tomorrow" so many years ago.

I have a picture of the group before Gary Jennings joined us as bassist, but I don't have any of the ones Gary refers to that we took in Pocatello Idaho.  The one I have I will have to scan ... it's on an old poster.  It was taken in downtown Kennewick, WA in front of a "massage parlor" that was quite controversial at the time and was eventually shut down on prostitution charges!

Barry Bergstrom, May 2007

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Last Update:  19 February 2009
Credits: Gary Jennings, Barry Bergström, Clay Dickman
Band #  2202