Airborne in 1976 - Photo Courtesy of David Giddings
Airborne - 1976
Vancouver, British Columbia
1974 -1978


Darryl Bohn ~ Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter
Pat Caird ~ Saxophone
Lorne Davidson ~ Bass, Vocals
Lorne Fiedler ~ Keyboards
Deborah Gibson ~ Vocals
David Giddings ~ Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter, Producer
Ron Hjorth ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Songwriter
Bruce Johnston ~ Vocals, Equipment manager
Donn Tarris ~ Bass, Vocals, Songwriter, Producer
Bruce Watson ~ Drums
Gaymond Wong ~ Keyboards

Airborne - 1974
Airborne in 1976 - Photo Courtesy of David Giddings
Airborne - 1978

Airborne was a pop/folk band from the Vancouver area of Western Canada Originally started by  Darryl Bohn, Ron Hjorth & David Giddings in 1974.  All three played Acoustic Guitars, sang, and eventually wrote their own songs.  Similarities were made to the bands America & CSNY.  Bruce Johnston joined shortly after, contributing  his Falsetto vocals to create a very vocal rich group with tight harmonies.

David Giddings, by permission from the Airborne Website

The Airborne "Songs for a City" LP was recorded at Ocean Sound Studio in North Vancouver

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Credits: David Giddings, Donn Tarris
Band # 1228