Airshow - Photo courtesy of Alan Burns
Steve, Theo, Nick, Paul, Bob and Steve
Vancouver, British Columbia
1977 - 1980


Jamie Bowers ~ Guitar
Theo DeGagne ~ Vocals
Maurice De'Pas ~ Lead Vocals
Steve Griffiths ~ Bass, Vocals
Bob Hake ~ Drums, Vocals
 Nick Hughes ~ Guitar, Vocals
Paul Seale ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steven Weakes ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Gary Westlake ~ Bass, Vocals

My name is Bob Hake.  I was the drummer.   An earlier version of the band had:  Steve, Paul and Bob from above with Maurice DePas and Gary Westlake.  Ane even earlier version had:  Maurice, Jamie Bowers, and I'm not sure of the others

Maurice, Gary and Bob found themselves together again in Maurice and the Cliches.

Bob  Hake, August 2007
Owner - TW Productions (Sound Company), Burnaby:  604-250-4123

Courtesy of Glenn Parfitt

Courtesy of Glenn Parfitt

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Last Update: 13 April 2014
Credits: Alan BurnsGlenn Parfitt, Ron Vaughan, Barry Samuels, Bob Hake, Nick Hughes

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