Alan and J.D. Boggs - Courtesy of Alan Meyer.
Alan and J.D. Boggs
A Tribute to Elvis
Seattle, Washington
1971 ~ 2015


Tchad Blake ~ Guitar
Jim "J.D." Boggs ~ Bass
Bob Burliech ~ Drums
Leonard Brock ~ Saxophone
Mark Christian ~ Guitar
Brenda Daniels~ Backing Vocals
Dan (Codron) Doheny ~ Guitar
Chuck Doten ~ Drums
Toby Gray ~ Bass
Kris Johnson ~ Guitar
Roger Kahn ~ Piano
Basil Leschysen ~ Guitar
Jim McSweeney ~ Guitar
Alan Meyer ~ Vocals
Rick May ~ Bass
Bruce Moore ~ Piano, Trumpet
John Ogden ~
Al Rillera ~ Piano
Jim Rossi ~ Lead Guitar
Michael "Mach the Shock" Stirn ~ Guitar

Chet Actis ~ Bookings
Jim Pond ~ Road Manager
Bill Stephan ~ Manager

Listen to an Alan Sound Clip - Suspicion

Video:  Alan at the Tropicana

In Memory of

Alan Meyer
d:  4 April 2015

Jim "J.D." Boggs

Tropicana ABC TV Special - 1977
Alan, Chuck (on drums)


Tropicana ABC TV Special - 1977
Chuck and Rick
Alan in 2001
Michael Stirn, stage name Mach the Shock, played for Alan in 1976 and 1977 during the television appearances and World Tour.  He was also on the Alan Album and some originals that where recorded in L.A. and Kansas City.

Michael Stirn, October 2003

I did 2 tours of duty with Alan starting in 1974 when Alan was picked up by Dick Clark.

My first gig with Alan with the crew was at the Turn of the Century club in south Denver (Aurora) and then on to the Sho Bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans (earlier made famous by stripper Blaze Star).  Then it was a spin around the continental US & Canada with several memorable gigs culminating with the stay at the Thunderbird in Las Vegas for Dick Clark and produced by Larry Klein (Johnny Carson and Joni Mitchell).  Following this was a couple of trips to Anchorage; constant touring of the US and Canada and an extended three month stay in Honolulu.

Most of the band left after Hawaii and I stayed on as band leader to assemble the next ensemble.  After that I left for the San Francisco Bay area to join David Laflamme's It's A Beautiful Day.

Toby Gray, January 2009

Thanks for this site .  Its a great resource.

Bruce Moore, December 2010

I played lead guitar for " Alan A Trubute to Elvis" 79' thru 81" aka Dan Doheny with Toby Grey, Al Rillera,  Jim Rossi, Bob Burliech and the Many Horn bands across the country including Alaska and Hawaii.

 Dan Codron, April 2012

I played lead guitar with Alan for a few years.  I came after Tchad Blake, and worked with Chuck Doten and Bob Burliech on drums, Toby Gray on bass, Al Rillera on piano and Dan Codron on Guitar.  Dan later took my place when I left.

Jim Rossi, May 2012

My Sax player from 1978 (1st date was the Aquarius) to present was/is Leonard Brock.  I keep in touch with him and a year ago last October I convinced him to meet me at Toby Grays place in Santa Cruz and I surprised him by having Chuck Doten join us.  None of us had been in contact with Chuck since the late 70’s but I found his phone number and called him and got him to agree to come down and surprise us all.  I was living in San Jose then and he lives up in San Rafael.  He told me he'd lived there since the late 70’s and wondered what took me so long to get in touch with him.  Both he and I graduated from the same engineering school “Control Data Institute” except my school location was Dallas, Texas and his was Silicone Valley.  I've been an engineer for the past 25 years and worked for Philips Semiconductors in Silicone Valley since 2005.  I am retired now.

Leonard lives in the Bakersfield area and I stopped in and saw him on my way back to Texas last October.  Brenda Daniels stayed with the show as the road manager unto 1980 and we remained friends.

My best Guitarist was Mike “Mock the Shock” Stirn from 1976 to 1977 and I called him around the same time I got hold of Chuck Doten and he currently lives in Florida.  We agreed to get back together for a return engagement to a Canadian night club in Winnipeg, but that is still on hold.  If it does happen all my old band members agreed and are in.

Alan Meyer, September 2012

"I am so sorry to tell you Alan passed away April 4, 2015. He had another heart failure March 15 and they just couldn’t do anything for him this time. He has had a wonderful three months in Daytona Beach – the best time ever – he said....

I have to tell you this one little anecdote about Alan in his last hours I think you will understand. One of the nurses commented he looked like he could be a rock-a-billy singer. I didn’t think he even heard her but he got out the first few words - Baby, baby on baby.... those were the last I heard.

I’m sure he is up there putting on a show!"

Bren Meyer, via Toby Gray, April 2015

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Last Update:  11 April 2015
Credits:  Kris Johnson, Alan Meyer, Rick May, Michael Stirn, Chuck Burbank, Toby Gray, Bruce Moore,  Dan Codron, Jim Rossi
Band # 567