Leon Richey, Rob, Cathy Stover, Rocky Tidd and Joe Daggy
Albatross in 1973

Seattle, Washington
1972 - 1974


Joe Daggy ~ Bass, Vocals
Leon Richey ~ Drums, Vocals
Cathy Stover ~ Vocals
Rocky Tidd ~ Guitar
Rob ? ~ Saxophone, Flute

Daggy and Richey had joined up with Rocky Tidd, his wife Cathy Stover who looked and sang like Florence Henderson, only better.  Cathy had the face and body of a sinner, and the voice of a saint.  Albatross also featured the sax and flute talents of a fellow named Rob (I'm sure Rob had more of a name than that, but I can't recall what it was).

Richey stayed with music for a number of years, before taking on the position of beverage manager at the leading Phoenix, Arizona Country Club.

Daggy also continued with music for a few years, most notably with the Bill Grant Trio (featuring Joe Daggy on Bass) which George Wagner and Rob Fieldman.  I can't seem to remember Bill Grant's real name just now, but it will come to me.  Wagner played keyboards and was also a respected arranger and conductor doing work for Merrilee Rush, Skitch Henderson (The tonight Show), Bobby Sherman (Julie Julie Julie Do You Love Me; and the television show Seattle).  He also was Milton Berle's pianist when Uncle Miltie came to Seattle.  The Bill Grant Trio was a four piece, which is why Bill always introduced the band as "The Bill Grant Trio featuring Joe Daggy on Bass."  Daggy didn't deserve to be singled out for billing, but that's show business.

Today,  Daggy (a.k.a. Joseph O. Daggy and J. Omar Daggy) is a celebrated attorney practicing in Washington and Oregon.  Daggy is also an award-winning film maker, working with Hollywood Executive Producer C. Tad Devlin (The Immigrant Garden, George of The Jungle, Mighty Ducks 3, When A Man Loves A Woman, Sleeping With The Enemy), Novelist Steven Barnes (Lion's Blood, Emmy Award Winning Outer Limits television episode, "A Stitch In Time") and other celebrities.  Daggy, as Horace J. Digby, is also an award-winning humor columnist, winner of the Robert Benchley Society Award for Humor, Now judged by Pulitzer Prize winning humorist, Dave Barry. Horace J. Digby appears online, in print and he also hosts his own radio show, The Horace J. Digby Report, online for A3Radio.com out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Joe Daggy, July 2003, March 2007

I just clicked my name and found this site.  Cool... there are more of me out there!

Cathy Stover, February 2010 (From the PNW Bands Guest Book)

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Credits: Joe Daggy, Cathy Stover
Band # 1303