Alisyn Flyer - Photo courtesy of Paul Rieland
Lee Cardella, Jerry Schmidt, Paul Rieland, John Morris and David Huba
Alisyn Flyer - Fall of 1978

Alisyn Flyer
Minneapolis, Minnesota
1975 - 1977
Seattle, Washington
1977 -1981


Lee Cardella ~ Bass, Vocals
Danny Haines ~ Guitar (77-78)
David (Du Dah) Hubba ~ Drums, Vocals
John Morris ~ Guitar, Vocals
Paul Rieland ~ Lead Vocals
Jerry Schmidt ~ Keyboards, Vocals

My Name is Jerry Tracy Schmidt. I am the original founding member of the band Alisyn Flyer. Although I started the band in Minneapolis circa 1975, we were based out of Seattle from about 1977 through early 1981. Most of the time, we were touring out of town and spent a year in both Hawaii and Alaska.

We booked with the William Stephan Agency.  The last nine months of the band were spent bouncing around the country as Stephan worked out a deal and released our contract to GMA out of Minneapolis.

I am still in contact with and know the whereabouts of, is David Huba (Springfield, MA)

Man do I have stories.  Heart ended up buying our semi when we disbanded in 81.  I actually have a photo of the old rig.

I have also included a recent photo (below) of me at a gig, Oct. 2009.  I'm in the process of building a new quality band now in between corporate BS.

Jerry Tracy Schmidt, April 2011


Jerry on Stage - October 2010

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Last Update:  1 April 2011
Credits:  Paul Rieland, Jerry Schmidt
Band # 775