Seattle, Washington
1979 - 1985


Steve Adamek ~ Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Jerry Battista  Guitar

Chris Borg ~ Bass
Don Gilmore ~ Guitar

Carl Funk ~ Guitar, Keyboards
Michael Ipsen ~ Bass
Dave Kincaid ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Larry Mason ~ Drums, Vocals
Andrew Pederson ~ Bass

Gary Shelton ~ Bass
Joe Shikany ~ Guitar


Darrell Beaver
Robb Smith

In Memory of

Joe Shikany
d:  18 August 2008
Seattle Post Intelligencer

Image Courtesy of George Holt

Image Courtesy of Frank Berka
I co-wrote The Allies signature song "Emma Peel" and many others.  I played guitar and keyboards with the band from 1982 to 84.

Carl Funk, April 2013

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Last Update:  14 August 2018
Credits:  Joe Shikany, George Holt, Darrell Beaver, Scott Soules, Carl Funk, Frank Berka, Andrew Pederson
Band # 695