Alvin Jones and The Four Beats
Longview-Kelso, Washington
1957 - 1960


John Bell ~ Drums
Kent Bradley ~ Guitar, Bass
Dave "Whitey" Clark ~ Guitar
Jimmy Gredig ~ Guitar
Alvin Jones ~ Guitar, Vocals
Chuck Miller ~ Guitar
Buddy Mills ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Dave "Whitey" Clark

From 1957 (Summer) through 1960 Alvin Jones and the Four Beats played at Crystal Pool, east of Kelso, WA.  They played Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Platters, etc., music of the time.  In a place that could hold maybe 200 people inside, the crowds would run from 400 to 700 people every Friday and Saturday night.  I can remember the night that the Kingsmen played at the Armory in Longview, WA, which is joined to Kelso, and they had 5 or 6 people show.  They shut down, and came to Crystal Pool to see why everyone went there.  We played "Louie Louie" for them.  We were the only band to play at Crystal Pool and when we left in 1960, the dance hall was shut down.  The time and place was so special to the era, that it will never be forgotten. Alvin Jones played locally in the Longview-Kelso area for many years, toured for a summer with Buddy Knox, sang in a country swing band with a fellow named Willie Nelson, who lived in Vancouver, WA for a time, and traveled on the road as Al Jones and the Rogues.

Alvin Jones, September 2002

I was sent this photo (above) from one of my classmates, and I thought I would pass it along. This was probably 1957, and we were just getting started. One of the original members of the band, Chuck Miller, had just gone into the service, and Jimmy Gredig took his place.  He toured with Buddy Knox, and was a fine guitar player. He was replaced by "Whitey" (Dave Clark). As you can see by the picture on the bass drum, we were very new!  Buddy Mills was killed in a train accident, I believe in 1958.  Kent Bradley replaced Buddy, thus the names I gave you of the Four Beats band.

Alvin Jones, 30 March 2003


This is a song I wrote called "Crystal Pool Revival" for my class reunion in 1995.  It was on tape, and Mick Piper had it made digital, somehow.

Click to Listen to the full song, "Crystal Pool Revival"

Alvin Jones, May 2011

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Last Update:  16 September 2011
Credits:  Alvin Jones, Mick Piper

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