Lewiston, Idaho
1979 - 1983


Steve "Pedro" Eisele, Keyboards, Vocals
Scott Gagel ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rolly Howland ~ Bass
Steve Lange ~ Drums, Vocals
Marty Lukinbill ~ Guitar, Vocals

Ambush alumni are Scott Gagel  Marty Lukinbill, Rolly Howland, Steve Lange, and Steve (Pedro) Eisele.  We played rock classics from the 60’s and 70’s and Southern Rock, and a few originals.

Ambush was in existence from 1979 through 1983 and we developed quite a following.   We played bars and night clubs and a bunch of small concerts.  A very fun band to play in.  We were based out of Lewiston, ID.

Scott Gagel, May 2010

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Last Update:  15 May 2010
Credits:  Scott Gagel
Band # 2654