A New Day - About 1973
A New Day
Seattle, Washington
1971 ~ 1983


Bob Bruneau ~ Keyboards
John Beach ~ Woodwinds
Kenny Coulter ~ Drums
Steve Knightlinger ~ Drums
Wendy Wright ~ Vocals

A New Day - 1975

Bob Bruneau, John Beach, Kenny Coulter - 1978

A New Day starting as a traveling show band in 1971, with Bob Bruneau, John Beach, Steve Knightlinger (Now news director on KOMO 1000AM Radio, Seattle), and Wendy Wright (Togood).

Kenny replaced Steve as drummer in 1972. The band played locally and throughout the Southwest, Palm Springs, Tahoe, Vegas, Phoenix, Tuscon, El Paso, Ft. Worth-Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, as well as Alaska, Oregon, Idaho.   We remained a viable entity until the last night of 1983.  With a mailing list of over 1200 members, the band was often used as a calling card for local lounges in the Seattle area.  Their annual picnic was attended generally by over 300 people and their families.

Kenny Coulter, September 2001

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Credits: Kenny Coulter
Band # 429