Ankorea - 1976 - Courtesy of Hugo Taylor
Seattle, Washington
1976 - 1977 & 1979



Andy Aldrich ~ Guitar
Brian Conrad ~ Drums
Greg Del Arroyo ~ Percussion
Kevin Norris ~ Keyboards
Hugo Taylor ~ Bass, Vocals


Greg Del Arroyo ~ Percussion
Jim Fassas ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Barbara Italia  ~ Vocals
Mike "Onz" O'Neill ~ Guitar, Vocals
Hugo Taylor ~ Bass, Vocals
Carl ~ Guitar

Ankora 1979 - Courtesy of Hugo Taylor

In 1976 Greg and I were in Cali, Colombia playing music in a very disenchanting situation.  He was ready to come back to his native Northwest and asked me if I would like to come along.  I agreed and we arrived in Seattle in June 1976.

There was a happening scene at Pioneer Square pubs and we jumped on it.  We made friends and played with Allen Sanders, Peter Brown and Brian Chambers who were members of Papaya, a very popular band in 1976.

In October of 1976, Greg and I went to American Music to look for players for our Latin Fusion band.  Andy Aldrich and Brian Conrad worked at the music store and joined us.  Shortly we found the incredible Kevin Norris.

This was my very first NW American band.  We played nothing but our own songs.  Bob Rice (guitarist and Cornish teacher) said that we were destined for success.  We became residents of the Bombay Bicycle Shop, Doc Maynard's and Pioneer Bank. These were the most popular music pubs in downtown Seattle.  We also appeared several times on TV, The Seattle Tonight Tonight show.

The band broke up since the members needed to earn money.  Greg and I then joined Diamond Rio in 1977.  I have lived in Seattle ever since.

In 1979, Greg and I regrouped Ankora with the sole purpose of working.  We worked a lot in Idaho, Oregon and Washington though changes were in the horizon.  Jim Fassas and Greg moved to Los Angeles, Onz went to Germany and I joined Canon.

The fun never ended!

Hugo Taylor, October 2011

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Ankora 1979 - Courtesy of Hugo Taylor

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Credits::  Hugo Taylor, Dan Hannum

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