Annakonda - Photo Courtesy of Bert Beatty
Cary Fly, Bert Beatty, Susan Glass, Bryan Lawrence, Chris Meagher
Spokane, Washington
1970 - 1975
Seattle Washington
1975 - 1979


Bert Beatty ~ Bass
Micky Benson ~ Drums
Bob Briley ~ Drums
Lee Cardella ~ Bass
Cary Fly ~ Guitar, Vocals
Susan Glass ~ Vocals
Bruce Hall ~ Saxophone
Fenton Hendricks ~ Guitar
Chris Knudsen ~ Bass
Bryan Lawrence ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Meagher ~ Drums
Rick Milne ~ Vocals, Percussion
Stan Morris ~ ?
Galen Peterson ~ Trombone
Paul "Benny Bezerko" Rosenberg ~ Drums, Saxophone, Congas
Jeff Stanton ~ Guitar, Vocals
Chuck Stowell ~ Trumpet, Keyboards
Randy Twilliger ~ Guitar
Rick Valance ~ Bass
Rob Vaughn ~ Vocals
Greg White ~ Bass

Annakonda - Photo Courtesy of Bert Beatty
Jeff Stanton (sunglasses), Chris Meagher, Bert Beatty, Bryan Lawrence, Cary Fly
Annakonda - Photo Courtesy of Paul Rosenberg

This image was from the Seattle Prevue Inside - Courtesy of Janet Dowling
Annakonda - Photo Courtesy of Paul Rosenberg
Annakonda - Photo Courtesy of Paul Rosenberg
Annakonda - Photo Courtesy of Paul Rosenberg
I was in Annakonda for about two years. We traveled mostly the in the NW, Alaska and Hawaii. This was the show band days. Stan Morris and I joined the band in about 1973 or 74.  I played a little drums but mostly sax, congas and I was a front man. Kind of a comedian.

Paul Rosenberg, December 2005

I was one of the original members song writer, vocals and keyboards.  A song I wrote on the B side of a 45 we put out was called Sonic Boom and flip side (I wrote) called Wheedle's Groove was re released by Light in the Attic Records in Seattle on a CD entitled Wheedle's Groove, released world-wide.  A few months ago, Quincy Jones used the song, Wheedle's Groove, in a TV special he did on CNN.   I am sending along the link to that special he did

Quincy Jones: The Beat Goes On

Bryan Lawrence, Song writer, "Wheedle's Groove", February 2010

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Credits:  Bert Beatty, Charles Stowell, Paul Rosenberg, Jerry DesVoignes, Janet Dowling, Bryan Lawrence, Linn Fyhrie, Paul Rieland
Band # 1284