Annie Rose and The Thrillers
Seattle, Washington
1978 ~ 1984


Kirsten Anderberg ~ Vocals
Donna Beck ~ Vocals
Paul Black ~ Drums
Dave Conant ~ Guitar
Susan Johnson ~ Vocals
Don Kammerer ~ Drums
Alan Keith ~ Trumpet
David Link ~ Saxophone
Dave Liston ~ Bass
Carson Michaels ~ Drums
Gary Oldroyd ~ Bass
Doug Reid ~ Alto Saxophone
Annie Rose ~ Vocals
Denise Roselle ~ Vocals
Judy Schnepps ~ Vocals
Patti Vincent ~ Tenor Saxophone, Vocals

Judy Werle ~ Manager

In Memory of

Dave Conant

Flyer Courtesy of TJ

PK Dwyer is the person who came up with our name, the Thrillers, one night after a show at the Buffalo Tavern in Ballard.

Kirsten Anderberg, June 2010

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Last Update:  17 September 2018
Credits: Bill Majkut, Richard Evans, Annie Rose, Mary Hall, T.J., Carson Michaels, Jim McCann, Kirsten Anderberg, Gary Oldroyd, David Link, Christine Bagley
Photos Courtesy of Annie Rose
Band # 441