Anthem - Image courtesy of Janet Dowling
Mark Stubbs on vocals.- This was at PLU Auditorium opening for Steve Miller Band about 1970.  David Bandy was the manager.
Tacoma, Washington
1970 - 1972


Jim Casey ~ Bass, Vocals
Doug Booth ~ Drums, Vocals
Ron Gardner ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Doug Johnston ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jim McInnes ~ Vocals
Bill Palmanteer ~ Drums
Bill Pease ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mark Stubbs ~ Flute, Vocals

Rusty Graeff ~ Sound

David Bandy ~ Manager

In Memory of

Jim Casey
Ron Gardner (1945-1992)
Doug Johnston
Bill Palmanteer

Anthem - Image courtesy of Janet Dowling
The first lineup of Anthem: Jim McInnes , Bill Palmanteer, Billy Pease,  Jim Casey, Doug Johnston

Doug J., Ron, Bill, Jim, Mark, Doug B.

I am the first wife of former Grizzly keyboardman Doug Johnston.  Doug died about 5 years ago from liver disease and was fortunate to have played with bands such as Grizzly, City Zoo, Shaker, Double Image, Anthem (with Ron Gardner), and many other Seattle and Tacoma bands.

The original Anthem had Mark Stubbs as lead singer and opened for Steve Miller Band at PLU in 1970 or so.  With Ron Gardner they played at Satsop Rock Festival, Farragut State Park, and multiple other clubs and festivals.

Upon moving to Seattle Doug played with a fantastic band called Shaker, with Diann Powell on vocals.  The band was compared to Cold Blood and played every big club in Seattle.  They were booked by Far West Entertainment.

Janet (Black, Johnston) Dowling, November 2008

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Credits:  Rusty Graeff, R. W. Walker, Janet Dowling, Richard McInnes, Tim Hall
Band # 699