Anvil Chorus
Vancouver, British Columbia


George Chapelas ~ Bass
Jimmy Harmata ~ Guitar
Ian Hood ~ Drums
Jayson Hoover ~ Vocals
Keith Kemp - Hammond Organ
Bob Kidd ~ Bass
Ken Wain ~ Hammond B3

In Memory of

George Chapelas
Bob Kidd

TJH - The Trials of Jayson Hoover changed their name to Anvil Chorus in January of 1970 to reflect the heavier sound they had developed during 1969 as TJH.   The  three 45s on released  on The New Syndrome label in early 1970 by Anvil Chorus were previously recorded by The Trials of Jayson Hoover before this temporary name change.

Shortly after Ken Wain left the group in March of 1970, so did Bob Kidd on bass.  They were replaced on organ and bass by Keith Kemp & George Chapelis in April.  They played for a while with no organ player after Keith Kemp left months later.

Steve Cartmell, March 2015

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Last Update:  21 March 2015
Credits:  Steve Cartmell, Rob Frith (Neptoon Records)
Band # 3166