Apple Corps
AKA:  The Daily Noose
Burien - Des Moines, Washington
1965 - 1969


Ray Brown ~ Drums
Bruce Cowan ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mike Cahill ~ Bass
Tim Cahill ~ Organ
Gary Kiggins ~ Drums, Vocals
Scott Barclay ~  Organ

In Memory of

Mike Cahill

Apple Corps the quintessential suburban basement band. We played at most a dozen gigs, including several basement parties. We played The Green Door in Des Moines, a battle at The Des Moines Field House, a Mormon teen dance, a battle in front of the Safeway in Des Moines during the Waterland Festival, and the Log Hall in Burien.

The band was started by Bruce Cowan and Mike Cahill as The Daily Noose. Mike's brother Tim played organ. The first drummer was Ray Brown, then Gary Kiggins came on board. At times, we had another keyboard, a neighbor of Gary's. We ended up as a power trio.

We began with covers of the Kinks and Paul Revere and the Raiders.  We evolved with the music to cover the Doors, Steppenwolf, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, and Cream. Gary is an outstanding drummer, and Cream's Toad was always a thrill.

At our peak we had shiny Nehru shirts and arrived at our gigs in Gary's mom's Cadillac Convertible.  Much of our gear was marginal; we didn't promote ourselves; and we fell apart in high school. Still we had a great time, and had some amazing long jams in Gary's basement.

I play jazz standards and blues in Port Townsend. Gary is still playing in Arizona.

Bruce Cowan, December 2008

Scott Barclay was the organ player that joined us later, and really moved us into the Doors/Hendrix music.  He had a little Farfisa organ, that replicated the Doors sound well.

Gary Kiggins, December 2008

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Last Update:  30 December 2008
Credits:  Bruce Cowan, Gary Kiggins
 Band # 2507