Standing:  Steve, Jim, Alan, David
Seated:  Doug

Spokane, Washington
1970 ~ 1976

(in chronological order)

Steve Hickman ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Alan Larsen ~ Bass, Vocals
Marshall Noice ~ Drums, Vocals
Bruce Wold ~ Organ, Vocals
Ron Brightman ~ Drums
Dale Selch ~ Drums
David Nelson ~ Organ, Piano, Synthesizers, Flute, Vocals
Chris Michaels ~ Violin, Congas, Vocals
Doug Norman ~ Drums, Vocals
Andy Putnam ~ Lighting Engineer
Jim McClellan ~ Sound Engineer

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In Memory of

Ron Brightman
Steve Hickman
Alan Larsen



Applejack was a popular Northwest band from 1971 - 1976 Based out of Spokane, Washington, and managed by Jeannie Carter of Freade Sounds.  Applejack played numerous clubs and concerts from Washington to Minnesota to Texas and Oklahoma. They played to packed crowds at over 50 nightclubs, 24 college venues, and performed in concert with bands such as:  Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon, Rare Earth, James Gang, Tower of Power, Cold Blood, and Bachman-Turner Overdrive.   Band members remaining to the end with the final version of the group were Steve, Alan, David, Doug, Andy and Jim.

Steve was a personal friend of mine. He used to come to the Richland Roller Rink, Plumbers and Steam fitters Hall in Pasco and other venues I played at back in the early 60s.  I started teaching him around 1963 to play guitar.  I knew right away he was a natural.

One day it was raining like - well very hard and I made the comment to my mother "Well I don't think Steve will be coming for his lessen today".  I looked out the window and down the street comes this small drenched guy carrying his guitar.  Steve lived 5 miles from me and couldn't get a ride, so we gave him a ride home that day.  Whenever I hear the song about the hungry eyed boy yelling up to the musicians "I'm gonna make it some day" I think of him.

Steve was one of the kindest guys I ever met and boy could he ever play that guitar.  It was fun just to watch him.

One night after Steve was done playing a bunch of us were sitting around shooting the bull and Steve gave me the best compliment another musician can give another he said  "Jimmy was the one who inspired me and taught me my first cords and a few licks on the guitar.  Now Jimmy may not be the fanciest player around but when I walk into a club I can tell he's playing as he has style, his own original style."

Thanks Steve for that complement, we who knew you will never forget you. Rock in peace my friend.

Jim Henning, September 2008

Apple Jack was a band you always heard about as they giged every venue, it seemed,  I think were together in various forms for a few years.  I love that band.

All those guys were impressive talented musicians!  This speaks volumes to the Talent in Spokane in those times.

Jerry DesVoignes, June 2011

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Credits: David Nelson, Dave Columbus, Roger Strosky, Doug Norman, Jim Henning, Paul Ferris, Jerry DesVoignes
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