Aries - Photo Courtesy of Dick Barrere
Formed from Felix
Seattle, Washington
1974 ~ 1975


Dave Bartley ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Cliff Carothers ~ Drums
Charley Kopp ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave Salwitz ~ Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Paul Sawyer ~ Lead Guitar
Jim Van Horn a.k.a. Azar ~ Keyboards

Aries was a Top-40 rock band that formed in 1974 and lasted through about June or so of 1975. We were booked by Unicam and played mostly high school dances. Aries big claim to fame as a band was opening for Paul Revere and the Raiders at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe in 1974. It's interesting how things go—I’m still friends with Dave B. and Charley, though we don't see each other much. I've met Paul a few times in the last 10 years or so.

This was my first band. I played guitar originally, but Dave Bartley joined and I was relegated to bass.  Good thing too because it was meant to be.  Bass is my instrument and I'm still playing 30 years later!  Dave B. was and I imagine still is the best guitarist with whom I've ever played. Paul is a really great guitar player as well. Paul worked harder at learning everything about guitar than anyone I've ever known. Azar, our keyboard player, was my best friend from Junior High and High School. He started out around 1969 playing cello; I started out playing violin. Azar played a Hammond C-3 (huge and heavy!) and electric piano. Cliff was a good drummer from north-lower Magnolia and was not only a good drummer but also a force to be reckoned with!

Charley Kopp is a great singer/songwriter who mainly played solo acoustic. Hess now married with child(ren). (Like I said, its been a while. Hopefully, Hess still playing!)

Dave Bartley has become a virtuoso mandolin player and classical guitarist, among his many talents. He is currently playing contra-dance and similar musical forms in KGB and a couple of other groups.

Paul Sawyer is an awesome jazz guitarist who has played in many jazz bands and has performed on several albums including one with Carrie Clark and in venues like

Cliff later went on to play in Quiet Riot and Malice. I think he was the only person in the band (so far) to get a record deal with a major label (Atlantic).

I've lost touch with Azar (Jim), but I hear Hess still living in Seattle.

Dave B., Roger Halverson (keyboard player for Stonehenge/Bellevue 1975-1977) and I formed another band in 1977 called Mantis. It included Dick Barrere on drums and Chris Brickell on lead vocals (from Charley’s old band, Wildfire). We were all very in love with Yes and Genesis (among other progressive rock bands) and played a mix of Top 40 and Prog Rock at high schools, colleges and even played the Paramount in a battle of the bands with Rail!

I'm currently playing bass for Indigo Soul (a contemporary rock band with a classic flavor to it). I have a plan to play music full time with Indigo Soul sometime in the next couple of years. If nothing else, I plan to play bass until the day I die!

My Band-ography: Aries (74-75), Stonehenge and North Seattle Comm. College stage band (76-77), Mantis (77-78), Stubborn Puppet (’84), C-Thru (clubs ’85), Stubborn Puppet (’87), [large gap where I got married, worked for Adobe and had a daughter!], Sandra Morris (2003), The IOUs (Blues ’03-’04), Indigo Soul (’04 to present).

Dave Salwitz, August 2005

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Credits:  Dave Salwitz, Dick Barrere
Band # 443